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PLAYOFF frenzy (Apr 14, 2003)

the night began with the Leafs
who started their game early

the Flyers had a 2-nothing lead
before Hooman showed up

Adam and Kim were listening to
MOJO in the front office

a small crowd began to grow
the first period came to a close
and i went to check out game
one of our super-playoffs

the silvermen were doing well
davy and jeff had telepathic stuff going on
"Carl" was without Sanjay
still, it was close until the second half

what a match-up with Silver back
"the" team to beat as Loren said.

Loren you have to come back and sweat with us.
Its warm enough to outside afterward and not catch a cold

the pylonz surprised themselves in the second game
by playing the best defense we have all year

Since we were outnumbered, we decided off the bat
not to run if we could avoid it and i didn't but i was still a mess by the second half.

Our man-to-man coverage was religious and
we began passing like we used to
at the very beginning of the season.

the vacation did us good

Ron had only two hours sleep
and his relentless performance out there was an inspiration to us as was Carolyn (our official team nurse/fan)

she stayed at our sweaty bench and didn't complain
nurses are used to stench and bodily fluids
and then she'd checked the leafs score once in a while
and i hope she comes out to every game we ever play in the future

after the game i went to the Firkin
with my game clothes on including pads and glasses etc...
none of us had showered and everyone was bonding
by sweat and beer and a love for Tomas Kaberle
when he scored that overtime goal

what a pinnacle moment that was

a huge primal group bliss-out

Aron was admitting to Tim that he had a garbage goal or two
and i definitely had one of those too
but at the time i hardly noticed

one "sorry" goes out to Shane
who i tripped by him stepping on my stick

at the Firk i heard your wrist got the worst of it Shane
i hope the two week break helps that heal perfectly

and "sorry" number two to Vince who i wacked by accident
but he didn't get hurt so i don't feel as bad about that one

"sorry guys"... didn't mean it...
deserved the tripping penalty anyway

it was great to see almost all of team "Carl"
at the Firkin and Mark Gregus too...

we miss you Carrie

everyone was asking me if i had heard from you
so good thing you finally got back to me with that email

just as Paul, Larry and Carolyn were leaving
and i thought my firkin evening was coming to a close
the Mighty Ducks went ahead 2-0 and i had to stay there
by myself.

I don't have Cable and TSN
and history was in the making

last year's winners were getting kicked out by characters
from a kid's movie. I got home at 1:30 a.m. and
had to take care of my youngest son
who's having trouble sleeping at night these days

well he's finally asleep and i can finish up this email
it's only 6:20 a.m., the sun's coming up and i'm ready to
call it an evening.

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