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at its best (Apr 7, 2003)

there's definitely something intense about playoff hockey

both games were really close
unfortunately two of my favorite teams, sugar and laurie's team got eliminated.. Its sad that the season is ending and i lament the end.

What a year its been for sugar, missing Joel til the end,
what a year for Jamie and Adam. It was brilliant watching them do their passing plays.

Mark was really frustrated with himself because he only scored five times. At the end, he had that "I'm jinxed look" that Jason and Laurie have gotten throughout the year. It reminds me of the year that I played with Marcel, Mike Dafoe, Paul, Andrea and we never won a single game. We looked good on paper yet we always lost.

Davy scored two goals within 5 seconds.
And by tying it so quickly he turned the momentum.

Both games were down to the wire, within a goal with a minute to go. Pretty intense stuff. Everyone was putting out, no slackers, you'd stick out if you were slacking.

It was a blast to watch. Laurie's team kept regaining a two goal advantage until the second period when Davy exploded with his 4 successive goals. Laurie's team felt too heartbroken to party at the firkin after and I feel for you but you played an amazing game right till the final whistle and
the fact that
it was so close shows how arbitrary this competition is. A couple of
lucky breaks
can decide the game. Too bad Michael wasn't playing, and Lianne, and Gerald from the second game.

I didn't have my camera with me because my wife needed it. And unfortunately nobody else had a camera either so the team photos weren't taken. So now we all have to show up at the banquet in our shirts so we can do the official team photos then.

It was inspiring to see the quality of play.

The "Silver-Men" could be the team to give "Carl" the ultimate challenge. I'm really exited about that show-down. (I hope you skip your outdoor
games Mike and make it out to your playoff games.) There was a rumour abrew that Tanner may skip indoor hockey for outdoor hockey. I was shocked.

The good old boyz had 100 percent of their players show up and that
is righteous.

and they easily won the
First Firkin Play-off Power-Ranking
with everyone minus Shane (that's 6 of them)
even Eric was there with Kim (the ko-ordinator).
They soundly beat the 3 (Evan and Joels) from sugar, andrea from "Carl", and 3 meesly pylonz.

It was great seeing Eric's scars.
I didn't know he had been stabbed so many times.
That's what the Firkin is for. And we cheered Tim's thirtieth birthday. and someone else had a birthday recently, i forget...

As you all know Carrie has left the city for a job in London, Ontario. On a higher level, she has not left us at all. She was with us, at
the Firkin tonight.
I can feel the presence of her spirit. Larry and Ron were there too so in para-psychological terms the Pylonz may have tied the boyz once again...

I was expecting a lot more garbage goals because when things get too defensive and tight, the real nice stuff sometimes suffers and the only goals that happen are the weird flukey hack stuff but tonight there were great passes
and nice deaks.
Jamie started off his game with two gorgeous shots. In both games the teams that grabbed an early lead lost their games.

I guess it may be over-confidence, or maybe just over-coincidence.

Sugar was within one when the most unlikely insurance goal put Red
ahead of Brown.
Mitch just shot it right at Aron from behind the net and from the
corner. At the
very same time Evan ran through Aron's crease and bumped into him. When Aron stepped back he literally kicked the ball into his own net. Evan also scored on himself with Hooman in net, batting it in with
his hand while trying
to get it away from Eric. It was a fascinating
moment to see Evan and the Joels eliminated in the first round. It
didn't make me happy.
I miss them and the rest of Sugar already and I miss Laurie's team. It was fascinating to see Evan and Joels eliminated because they've done so well in recent years. Last year Evan had to be one of the playoff's
highest scorers.
That's how this flukey one game elimination works.

John Jaques (i love that name, i want to say it over and over, John Jaques John Jaques John Jaques)

So... John Jaques picked the top corner like Davy,
& made it look effortless. And he was deaking too.
Everyone played a great game.
Mitch was taking it away from everyone.
He got into that perpetual motion zone.
The goalies were amazing.
Aron had a wicked catching mit. If it was in the air he would catch it. and Hooman was a rock as always. We are all looking forward to Loren's return because it would just feel right.

Laurie didn't make any mistakes and she looks so hot in her new glasses. She picked everyone's pocket. Jason and Mark had it going. They were gel-ling as a team. They only lost by one goal in a super tense showdown. Last year my team lost in the elimination round 14 to 1 (or something like that). It was far from ending on a high note. I tried to tell them that coming out to the Firkin is the perfect way to remedy the heartache. Its not just for gloating. Its also fun to lament.

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