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June 10, 2013 (Championship Game)

its one hour
before the last game
soul searching hour
for white and blue...
what a year it's been..
great rookies and even
the return of legends
like Greygus, reunited
with the glorious grey vets...
David Moscovitch was
another star of yesteryear
back in the saddle...
who knows maybe next year
we will see Tanner, Chambers,
and Hornsby... we have lost
some great ones but
time is long so one never
playing with yellow
was a huge honour...
always imagined playing
on a line with manny
and reality lived up to
expectation... btw manny
in the playoffs stats
still has his unbeatable
6.33 points per game...
reunited Dan and my
homie hanson hurst bros
was a blast, what a
fun team... awesome
from start to grand finish...
louis reznick became the
second father playing
alongside his son in our
cross-generational league...
i would love to do the same
one day... its an important
aspect of the legendary
hoser's dream... was so
impressive watching rookie
Ethan Manes galvanize
the black team... regardless
of whether blue or white win,
this author will watch an
epic game, will belligerently
join in the drunk festivities
and might quite likely have
the time of his life !!
Living la hoser's dream !

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