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Mar 18, 2013

a fascinating
end to an incredible
season with a new
name... dino cavallo
entering the fray
late with the second
highest points per game
ahead of jeff silver...
strange stat that ppg
for players missing
games and entering late

the week would
be incomplete
if you missed that sacred
game of ball hockey...
fun but more...
a spiritual necessity
almost... kids understand
healthy plus a blast...
its a sacred combination
that results in effortless
energy, and that
that we have for the game
whether imitating your
childhood NHL stars...
with the emphasis on safety
and good sportsmanship..
and sportswomanship <3
athleticism is tapered
by strict guidelines
so our childhood
"hoser's dream" fantasy
sports experience doesn't
make you miss work
or be a less healthy dad
that sort of thing...

if it wasnt a game then
why would we play it ?

so win or loose... its awesome
to have a game to enjoy... and
it's the child in us
that shows up
monday nights

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