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Nov 12, 2012

As I venture out
of net to play for
Yellow Submarine
my personal feeling
is one of pure gratitude...
I love this league !!
so blessed with
great people...
hilarious friends,
passionate athletes,
wonderful caring
the spirit is so obvious...
glowing smiles, eager
anticipation, members
returning for decades...
no other league like it...

however, there are
two things that we
once had and are
now missing...
and both can be
easily remedied...

first and foremost,
of major importance
is the apres-game
gathering at the bar !!
there was a time that
all JCC athletes
thought of the
after-game drinks
as a crucial part of
this weekly event...
bar-food nourished
the hungry body
as alcohol eased
sore muscles and
bruised egos...
most importantly
it created an atmosphere
were all conflicts could
be dealt with amicably...
players who clashed
on the court were
often seen sitting side by side
at the bar laughing
at the mishaps
of the evening...
still blaming each other
but doing so
with unbridled joyous
friendly hilarity...
it eased the tensions
that could fester and
harden if not dealt with...
it was also a
hot-stove lounge
where strategies
were debated and
brilliant plays relived...

as far as spirit goes,
some have argued that
the golden years of the
firkin apres-parties
may have been the
golden years of
JCC ball hockey...
happily this tradition
is being revived...

another aspect of the league
that has, of late, been
brushed by the wayside
is the long tradition of
naming teams...
these names were almost always
based on the teams' colours
and it too would somehow
serve to galvanize
the spirit of each team...
I had the good fortune
of playing on some classics...
Red Zeppelin, the Pylons,
Deranged D'orange...
here's hoping that
we bring back
that tradition
this year...

starting tonight
I will bring a camera
to take photos
so we can all have
"hockey cards"
to accompany
our personal stats...

had such a blast over
the last 4 years
serving this league
as a full-time goalie...
playing out once again !

can't wait to
see you all tonight !!!

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