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Feb 8, 2016

Another monday night
in this beautiful
world's absolutely finest
Ball Hockey League!
So inspired by
tonight's epic experience!
Camaraderie has more
to do with
it then even
i tend to
admit... anyways Blue
played Green in
the first game
with three players
who held their
own til near
the end, then
lost by one...
big goalie delay
in game one...
i Got to
Ref second game...
was itching to
call penalties! announced
it loudly on
arrival... what a
CLEAN fast fun
game it was!
I enjoy a
Machiavellian attitude but
I did mistake
a high stick
in the face
for a ball
in the face...
so i didn't
call a single
penalty tho i
should have called
that one... WEIRDLY
once a ref
makes a call
its awkward to
take it back...
it's Anson and
every single ref's
continuous dilemma.. NHL
has mult-refs who
talk about it...
Anyways, fun clean
game between yellow
and red ended
in a tie...
By the time
we arrived at
the last game
everything was totally
black and white...
Kathleen Kajioka's championship
team and her
current team met
without her (and
she's still an
honorary member of
Black)... but she
became an international
sensation and other
career commitments took
her all all
over the globe
which we applaud
but Paris is far
and we miss
her... Both teams
miss her so
we can write
that BOTH Black
and White were
playing without Kathleen
tonight... Any without
her we are
again an all-
male league tho
not by design...
She promised to
return... Long story
short, White was
ahead of Black
by three goals
with 10 minutes
left to play...
we lost it
by one and
it still felt
like a VICTORY !
So many reasons
to be happy!
Being revved up,
playing strong game,
feeling team improving,
game plans work,
creating crafty plays,
scoring and setting
up nice goals,
running ass off
till gasping breathless,
brilliantly breaking up
being on breakaways...
we simply remember
our favourite things
and they Keeps
us returning religiously
to our cozy
little corner of
the known universe
every monday night

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