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May 16, 2011

Writing this just
before the game
still shocked that
yellow and blue
are gone... finished
for the season... WHAT
an incredible season
they've had...
last game DRAMAs
green and yellow
come down to a
tie-breaker... which was
but one game
which after two extra
overtime periods turned
into a shootout...
manny placed last &
didn't even end up
yellow didn't anticipate
the effects of losing
momentum early... but
amir fumbled,
adam and almon scored
and the season was over
for the most successful team
since manny's return...

blue took their tie-
breaker third game
to the very edge
losing 6-5 in overtime... WOW
a brilliant season
over for strong
rookie sensation
Paul Smits...
incredible games...
incredible teams
with incredible seasons...
now its down to
white and green...
adam finally makes it
to the finals... opening
game tonight... glad i have
front row seats
to all the action !

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