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Feb 14, 2011

set up the press box
next to front door...
jason bought 20 sticks
everyone is grateful
an exciting game between
our xmas colours just
ended in a 6 all tie
red rookies gelling
jesse ian and jono
solid behind stevie
holding their own
without their vets
jamie and kitch...
against full green team
whose david-duo
does the damage
with five goals and
four assists between them...
the leaf colours play next...
writing juranka's corner
in jason's corner of the
gym by the front door
jason is trying to plug
his current agenda
gathers opinions and
heckles players as well
as this humble journalist...
interrupted by cheers,
white has opened scoring
kathleen the sniper
from davey & silver...
playoff schedule is up
he keeps reminding us,
first half ends 4-1 for white,
silver with four assists
i remember when he was
setting me up for goals
so many years ago,
so glorious popping in
an easy goal
lets u feel the privilege
of right place right time,
like being born
an aristocrat but less...
blue picks it up in second half
smits from aron and puya
yells anson... juranka's corner is
being written in real time
paul shoots a crazy
bad angle shot that
rattles off the crossbar
hits lakhan in the back
and drop in... jesse questions
whether it went thru a hole
that is quickly taped up...
the sniper assisted... yay !
jason lakhan in one net
jason heffelump in the other
jason espino looking over my shoulder
tho its valentine's day it'
feels like friday the 13th...
"you look better than tom"
he yells when heffelump
foils a smits breakaway...
two games before the playoffs
jason reminds me again...
sarner's status comes into question now
because red a strong player...
no trades this late in the year
says jason... maybe sanjay
will be filling those shoes...
jamie has til thursday to
announce his playoff status...
its all blue this half as
smits & puya keep connecting...
6-4 with less than two minutes...
blue scores again and
wants to pull their goalie
but white is pounding
lakhan can't leave the net
ok now he's out...
super intense...
puya from smits... 6-6 tie
smits-puya with 10 points
on all 5 second period goals...
great game... ties are intense !!
kathleen says it feels like a loss
tho she's had a great game
and i love the valentine's day card
she gave me <3

yellow & grey
finish the evening...
grey opens scoring
reznick pops in a perfect
steve lederer pass
from the far corner...
yellows rookies respond
damone from adler...
then manny from amir &
yellow takes the lead...
aron thinks yellow
with manny back
is now the team to beat
tonight's games have
the aura and intensity
of the playoffs...
jason reminds me
a third time
to tell you all to
check the playoff schedule
because its up
on the website...
i dwell on how remarkable
certain two players combinations
have been tonight
duo-dave for red
puya-smits for blue
but the symmetry of numbers
really takes off this final
period of the night
with reznick and blumberger
numbers 55 and 10
combining for all 4
second period goals
and amir and evan
numbers 10 and 5
combining for all 5 yellow
last period goals...
a numerologist could
tell us the significance
of the symmetry.. and the
profound meaning of
those number combinations...
then manny scores from adler....
and ruins the numbers symmetry...
yellow kills a penalty...
grey pulls the goalie
while 6 goals down...
interesting... it pays off
sandy scores... game ends
11-7 yellow...

and i will be back in net
the week after that...
have an amazing family day !

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