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Sept 27, 2010

what an amazing night
that was… three awesome
intense games without
incident or negativity...
the league welcomes
ian myron who scored
in his first game.
while editing the rosters
i changed jersey numbers
that had conflicts...

for example mitch and nolan
both play on red and use # 11
but since mitch is a tireless vet
of at least a dozen years in
this league (plus he takes care
of this website) i gave nolan
number 12... it can be changed
again but not to a jersey number
that is already in use on your team...
anson has to write out names
next to numbers when two are
the same and it gets too confusing...
chamberlain just came back so
kitchler keeps the 69 and
stevie gets my old lucky number 23...
then there were players who
did not specify a number so
i gave them traditionally awesome
single digit hockey numbers
4 for Bobby Orr and Belliveau
7 for Horton and Phil Esposito
9 for Gordie Howe and Bobby Hull
I also started indicating who was
the captain of each team with
a C after their names...
If there are any inaccuracies
then tell Anson to mark it
on next weeks game sheets...
all teams need to specify captains
by the end of next week because
they are the only ones allowed
to petition a call or even to go
and discuss rules with the ref
during the game... all other players
need to communicate their
grievances through their captain
or wait until the half is over
before approaching Anson themselves...
the captain will also be at the
table discussing parity with
the commissioners...
So once again our magnificent league
had a spectacular night last monday...
silver had a 7 goal game
with dave assisting on 5
hope everyone has
an amazing week
see you all next monday...

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