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Sept 20, 2010 (first game)

The First Evening of floor
hockey proved the field
is again getting stronger.
Dave Hodes, Jeff Silver and
Steve Chamberlain have
all been away for over
four years but took
little time to readjust
All three are, for the
time being, near the top
of the scoring race.
Congrats to Manny Alan
and Paul LePage... the
three rookie commishes
with the right stuff…
passion, commitment
and level-headedness.
The question of parity
will dog this year's
committee as it has
all the others going back
to when captains picked
teams and parity was
not even a consideration.
Four games from now
they will again look at
the roster and make
parity changes where they
deem necessary.
As for me, I have withdrawn
from administrative functions
to focus on my career between
the pipes... lost 4 of 6 halves
on the first night… its obvious
i need more focus... also
i will also putting more time
into Juranka’s corner,
spilling my subjective opinions
onto the front page of this website
as tho it were the gospel truth…
Perhaps not every single week
but definitely way more than
what you've become used to...
The league welcomes
the rookies Daniel and Nina Adler,
Jono Schneider, Josh Greenspoon,
Paul Smits, Brian Cooper, Marc
Demone and Matthew Dobbie.
With four asssists in his first game,
Paul Smits is tied for third i
n the scoring race.
On a final note we cannot
overstress that this league is
competitive but not over-competitive.
If you find yourself compromising
on good sportsmanship then you are
taking it wayt too seriously.
We always try to make it so
that everyone has fun…
not just the best players…
nor even the most passionate…
this league is for everyone.
With that in mind the referee
is strict about calling body contact
especially near the solid brick walls.
We have jobs and kids and need to
return home each Monday in one piece.
I already have the feeling
that this is going to be a
great year for jcc floor hockey.
See you all next Monday.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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