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May 30, 2010 (before the final game)

its that time of yeaR…
the final game
is again upon us…
last game went to
a double overtime
then a shootout…
its was incredibly
close with both teams
tied at the end of
all four periods…
jesse stopped all
but one penalty shot...
amir managed to
stuff one under him
to win the game and
stay in contention…
its safe to say that
the final game
will be amazing…
players will be pushing
themselves hard and
emotions will be high
but anson will keep a lid
on the bad behaviour…
by this point in the season
everyone must realize
that once a call is made
it cannot easily be changed…
that is the main reason why
wasting energy and focus
on berating the ref is
useless and often

a brief look at the stats shows
that white and green have
played 4 times during
the regular season

sept 21 white 6-4
nov 16 green 7-3
jan 4 green 11-10
feb 8 tied 6-6

twice in the final round
of the playoffs

may 10 green 6-4
may 17 white 5-4

the stats speak for themselves…
these teams are so close that
either one can take
the championship game…
as usual it will depend on
who is playing in the zone and
who wants it more and
who starts slumping and
who plays above their usual level…

it will also depend on luck…
always does… and also on
self-control… the team that
implodes first from frustration
rarely has a chance to pull
themselves out of their funk...

stay loose was always my motto
because otherwise you'll
drop the level of your game…
uptight players work harder
but get much less done…

staying loose is sometimes
easier said than done… especially
for this all important final game...

this year brought many new faces…
the rookies adapted amazingly fast
to the style and spirit of the league…
it always seems strange
how fast the year passes…

unfortunately the firkin is
permanently closed after enjoying
our company for the last 14 or so years…
now we will need to relocate our
after-game drinking hole elsewhere…
that will be decided next year…
the banquet will be a catered affair
held June 21st on the roof of the JCC…

tomorrow is the
most important game
of the season
and we will have
by the end of the night
a new championship team

if green wins then it will be adam's first
in his long illustrious career…

if white wins then andrew
will have four in a row
making him the undisputed leader
in consecutive championship wins…
currently he and i are tied at
three in a row…

it promises to be an exciting finish…
hope to see you all there and
on june 21st at the banquet

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