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April 19, 2010

Another great season
ends for the two teams
eliminated in these round-
robin quarter finals.
Thanks are due to the
BLACK team and the
Blue La Goons who
throughout the year
showed amazing spirit
and dedication to fun…

This new playoff format
is still under scrutiny
and may require a vote
next year but tho'
criticism continues
recently support for
this format has also
begun to surface.

For example, altho
it is true that the BLACK
team,would have
automatically made it
into the semi-finals
having finished 2nd
during the season
lessem pointed out that
in their current slump
they would have
probably lost their
first two games
and been eliminated
in the semis…
with the current
round robin format
they got to play
one extra game…

When the round robin
was over three teams
(WHITE, Shaloutsky
and Banging Reds)
advanced based on
number of wins…
one other team,
Grey's Anatomy advanced
because they had lost but
with two fewer goals against
than the Blue La Goons

A quick look at the stats
tells the whole story…
when a team goes
into a slump then
altho everyone's stats
on that team is effected
most evidently it shows
with their top scorers…

Lantz finished the year
as the third top scorer,
Gregus was fourth...
over the years those two
have always been at
or near the top,
both averaging around
four points a game
but during the round robin
Dave dropped to less than
2 points a game and
Mark only registered
one goal in three games…
but tho these drops are
the most significant,
teams win or lose
as a unit and all the
players are effected
except for Curley who
managed to crack
the top ten list and
i speculate that his
consistency may be
different from his teams'
because he was a late
edition and was out of
sync with his teams
current slump

On the other hand
the red team is
gelling like crazy having
finished second last
during the season,
losing four games
leading up to the
playoffs, their last
victory prior was in January
yet they were the
only unbeaten team
in the round robin.
Most notably
Tafler and Reznick
have cracked the
top ten with 3 and 4
points per game
Another player who
has very evidently
shown up for the playoffs
is Dave Silverman
tied for third alongside
Manny and Blumberger

During the playoffs its
commonplace for the
intensity to rise and
the distinctions between
good and poor sportsmanship
becomes painfully obvious

The refs job becomes
all the more difficult as
each loose ball
each potential infraction
each missed call
each penalty call
and each goal
is contested furiously
by players desperate
to advance to the finals

We urge everyone to
keep calm and to play
at the top of their game
but fairly...
keeping their emotions
and behaviour in check

With this in mind Jason
and the committee have
been encouraging the ref
to call more penalties
especially in the
unsportsmanlike conduct

Yelling AT the ref
is NEVER permitted
even if you are
absolutely certain that
you are right and think
what you are yelling
may be of some value
to him… those players
with loud voices need to
use even more discretion

We all know that
desperate times often
call out desperate measures
but we are not a fan
of the win-at-all-cost principal

Players resorting to
dirty tactics and more
intense physical contact
will be penalized for it

We encourage you all to
refrain from hacking and
rug the ref to be vigilant
and make additional calls
when required to chill the
hot-heads down

Drawing penalties
by flopping is another
desperate tactic that
will not be tolerated..
Flopping is only practiced
by a small handful
of players and we all know
who they are…
the ref also knows
who they are...
flopping is a dishonest act
that penalizes innocent
players and falls firmly into
the bad sportsmanship

We are rug the ref to
watch for flopping and
call unsportsmanlike
penalties for embellishment

The gym will be closed
until may 3rd as a result
of the annual Tom's Sale

On the evening of May 3rd
two more teams will be
eliminated in a single-game
semi-final series

The winners will move on
to a best of three finals

As I had originally assumed,
when asked by members
of the green team before
their last game,
seasons standings
determine the match-ups
for the semi-finals...
the season champs
WHITE will face
Grey's Anatomy in the
7 pm slot while
GREEN Shaloutsky faces
the Banging Reds at 8:30

The season standings will
also continue to establish
Home Team Advantage
which means that in the
semi-final elimination game

get Last Line Change
(GREY and RED must
put their players out first
at the start of each half
and overtime periods)

choose which side they
want to start the game on
as well as start overtime on

choose which Goalie
they start with and
consequently finish with

choose whether to
shoot first or second
in shoot-outs

These choices may make
a difference in the outcome
so its important for the
critics to see that the
seasons standings do play
a potentially significant role
in the playoffs

Since there will only be
a maximum of two games
per evening from now on,
only Jesse and i will be
playing between the pipes

For those of you who have
not been around the league
very long, in spite of the
hiccups, this has been
one of the least problematic

As far as parity is concerned
its important to note that
the two bottom teams during
the season are going to the semis…
banging reds were tied for
the most losses during the year
yet remain undefeated…
conversely BLACK had the
most wins during the season
yet failed to win during
the playoffs… the surprises
will likely continue
into the next two rounds
of the playoffs

I am proud of the
progress we have made
as a community over
the 13 years that i have
played here… what was
an ad hoc disorganized
group of passionate
ball hockey players
has developed into
fairly low maintenance
league with a system
aimed at maximizing
fun and attendance and
minimizing potential risks
in safety and poor morale…
we stress the
spirit of the league
for these reasons alone...
our goal is to temper the
poor morale and safety dangers
of over competitiveness by
promoting the notion of
good sportsmanship…
we don't always succeed
but we never stop trying

Over time we have witnessed
the players in our league
as a whole and certain
key individuals in particular
become much much better
sportsman and that is
something we can all be
proud of… good sportsmanship
can be learned at any age
and we have already proved it

One final note on the
season stats...
the final nights game sheets
are lost…
we tried to piece together
the scores and stats
afterwards from memory…
what we ended up with
was very incomplete...
thus the season stats
will not include stats
from the final night's games…

We hope to see players
from BLACK and
Blue La Goons
in the stands on May 3rd…
it will surely be an
exciting evening

Thanks again to all of you
for making this season a
totally enjoyable and
truly Canadian experience…

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