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Oct 19, 2009

It seems like a century
since i wrote the last corner...
but now i'm typing and
it feels like yesterday

I love playing goalie
on every team and
against everyone... so zen

last week i got to play
in all 6 periods facing every
shooter in the league...
and had every player
come to my defence

i can see so much...
i can watch different teams
feel elation and
face frustration

things got out of hand
in the first game between
green and red... perhaps
more penalties earlier
might have stemmed the
aggression before it broke
into a tense moment

if punches would have been thrown
then players would have been
kicked out of the league but
that thankfully didn't happen

it occurred right in front of jason
who intervened and kicked
the players out of the game

Jason was furious, he hadn't seen
this level of confrontation under
his watch and Anson hadn't seen
it all of last year...

the two players have clean records
and the committee convinced Jason
to stick to the old standard of a
one game suspension plus probation
for the rest of the year

if either gets another
suspension for fighting
then expulsions will follow

the JCC has a code of conduct
and its definition of fighting
includes, but is not limited to,
any type of violent, aggressive
and/or antagonistic behaviour.

The committee and the JCC
work in concert to assess
such behaviour throughout the year.

"That was fighting" Jason told me
at the end of the night and 'it shall
not be tolerated.  This is a
recreational league and incidents
like this should never occur
under any circumstances."

Anson has been told to get tough
on all roughing infractions...
calling more double minors
if there is confusion around
who started it.

He is also on the look-out
for yapping... and called his first
unsportsmanlike yapping penalty
last week.

The team even started
begging the individual
to stop continuing to yap
after the first minor was called.
Its a great sign when a team
gets on someone's case
for that behavior... that's
a lot of pressure !

Only captains are allowed
to approach the ref
to dispute a call...

My preference is to suck it in
and go with the flow because
he can't change his call
once it is made anyway...
and then bring it up with him
at the beginning of the next game
or even the game after that...
once the heat of the moment
has completely turned from
a fiery rage into a beautiful
warm loving glow !!

It can't accomplish any less
so possibly it'll accomplish more...

on the bright side you can think of
it this way... you paid for a
ball hockey league but a
course on anger management
was thrown in for free !!!

wow... just noticed the time !!
i am so hyped to play every monday...
altho i do get a bit of the butterflies...
but i like it...

in fact... i love it !

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