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Nov 24, 2008

Curley is out… and it
makes me realize once again
how much injury can happen
in spite of all the precautions
we take…

Dan is half my age,
in the prime of his fitness
and he tears a ligament
requiring surgery
without even the slightest
contact from another player.

I strongly encourage
everyone to get a warm-up
routine going before
every game. Regardless
of how old you are.

Health and community
are our major concern
and we want all of you
back here year after year.

Alan Silverman is our
favorite example.
I want to be as fit and athletic
as him when I grow up !

Hey great one-handed goal
you scored last week Al
with your daughter
cheering from the track.

I feel great every time
I enter that gym… I feel
comfortable about the situation…
I know that I’ll feel great
even if my team loses.
I’ll feel great even if
we are completely blown out !

It may sound like I don’t care
but I definite care about
feeling great !

The red team is near the bottom
but we have all had a blast !

We try our hardest and
our hearts are in it
to a reasonable extent
but at the end of the game
we congratulate ourselves
for working so hard…
irrespective of the score.

Its way more fun
to play this way
because you’ve really won
even before the game starts.

I love the individual moments
and cherish fine plays,
even if they don't result
in a goal.

There are always
gems of joy
within every game.

They are worth appreciating.

And I love to give props
to those who had great games
or showed great progress.

It’s a simple way to celebrate
& we are all
worth celebrating.

Horray for fun safety !
and get well soon Dan...
we are all cheering for you !

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