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Nov 10, 2008

Alright I must admit
I’m a bit rusty at this
Juranka’s Corner thing
but here goes…

The major news this week
is that the Brass Brothers
have been asked to leave.
I have not been privy
to the commissioners’
talks so its best to
read what is written
on the hockey news
blog... which i should
have done before
posting this !

They are great athletes
but safety will always
be our number one concern.

So I checked the stats and
holy smokes… Curley
has 13 goals in the first
4 games… hey ! but only
1 assist… what’s wit dat!?

I love the way Curley
refs… no emo…
just cold hard calls…

I was hoping that with
Amir reffing we would
see the end of the squabbling.
Soccer refs have very low
tolerance for that sort of thing
and also they can usually
spot a dive as well.
The squabbling has been
greatly reduced but the
diving continues and is
fairly consistently rewarded.

I really hope that Amir
continues on with us until
the end of this year
although he has declared
his intention to quit.

The thing that keeps
him around is that he,
like all of us, are
hooked like junkies
to this wonderful game

Last week he was beaming
because of the intensity
of all those close games.

He loves to watch
and of course yell
lude and inappropriate comments
so since he’s already here
he may as well take
an active reffing role.
As a ref he can’t insult you
the way he’d like but
at least he has the
gratification of making
his opinion heard thru
the calls he makes.

But he needs to stop
pandering to Jamie…

As far as parity goes
there is only one game
until we hit that famous
5 game mark. With the
brass brothers departure
it may be far too soon
to get a real assessment.
As it stood, the green team
was the only one to win
more than one of four games…

The shirts look great…
especially the royal blue ones
but there may be confusion
when white plays grey.

John is our volunteer
score-keeper and he is
doing an amazing job.
Between games he
goes up to Jason’s office
and inputs the stats…
how cool is that !!?

We got three of our
four regular goalie
back again this year.
Glen has replaced
Ziggy & with every game
Glen gets better and
Thank God for that !

On the other hand
Romo started at the top
and has steadily declined
so that his win% now
is almost tied with Glen…

I think Dan needs to
get into shape !
Do some push-ups man !

Its great to see Kichler back
and he is in fine form.
I think he scored a hat-trick
in his first game back
but I can’t tell because
the website just went down.
Looks like I won’t be able
to post this corner before
the game… that sucks !

Alright its back…

I’m uploading it now
before it disappears again !
See you all tonight !

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