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Sept 22, 2008

I woke up this fine morning
eagerly anticipating Game 2
in the Most Amazing
Ball Hockey League Ever

The MABHLE always
starts with a sputter
because of Rosh Hashanah

“Shana Tova” everyone

These early games
are special because
we are all
discovering our teams
as well as
our new waitress
at the firkin…
her name is Grace…

Half a dozen guys are
already entraced by her
and Aron is pissed cuz
he enjoys getting
some of our attention
some of the time…

For all the new players…
The Firkin is the bar
that is two buildings
south of the JCC and
no evening is complete
without the party that
happens there after
every game night.

It’s the time that we
let loose our indefatigable

Philosophy and sports talk
mixed with humour and
alcohol bubbles over
by the end of the night
into an emotional bond
that transcends hockey…

Hard to believe
anything can
transcend hockey
here in Canada
but it does…

Rain or shine
snow or hail
The Community
has gestated and
finally grown into
the mature entity
that it is…
at and because of
The Firkin.

Pint after pint
major friction
becomes warm
and affable

Happens all the time…

Now we just need to
get the new players
into this ridiculously
enjoyable routine

Hope to see
all of you
out there
after the game…

especially Kathleen !!

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