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laurie's team does the Firkin (Feb 10, 2003)

it felt like a Saturday, no
it felt like New Year's Eve

someone asked me to go see the Pretenders
someone who i have a crush on
someone who let me play my ball hockey game first
and we totally missed the warm-up band &
we don't even know who they were
and we didn't care

we ordered mexican to go at 6pm
which was too late for me to eat before the early game

and they didn't have plastic knives
so we went to the Salvation Army shop next door
and bought a knife and fork for 17¢

and she ate while i played

i was a teenager again like Eric (with a personal fan)

on my first shift I did a clumsy hack on Davy
which Josh missed. I felt so guilty
i nearly turned myself in. Sorry Dave.
The truth is that we injure each other and
we don't mean it. We feel stupid and we know
we did it. We know the feeling of going for the
ball and hitting someone's shins. Sorry Dave.

Then I ran down the court watching the play,
Alan stops suddenly and I barrel into him.
I still feel a pain in my ribs from that but the
pain feels good. If I was a mediaval monk
I'd be whipping myself right now. The pain
helps soothe my guilt.

Ronny was a one man dynamo.
Another four point game for the happy Wener.

I had miss the early Firkin party to see
Chrissie Hines at the Hummingbird Centre.
That's the place we all went to watch ballet and
opera. Carolyn and I danced in the aisle for
90% of the concert. It was magic. And it ended
pretty early (10:30) so after dropping her
off at her boyfriend's place I could make it
back to the Firkin.

Good thing I did because my presence
broke the tie and the Pylons won a fourth
Firkin showdown. Too bad I missed the Black
Team. Laurie, Jason and Mark began what may
turn out to be a huge Black Team tradition.

The Boyz had a wild game with Sugar.
With 6 minutes left they were 4 goals down.
The Boyz were not only missing Eric and Shane
like last week, but they were missing John Jaques
as well. With only 4 players, they scored 4 goals
in the final 6 minutes to tie it up. Their second come-from-behind tie in a row. Must have felt like a victory. Congrats to Mitch for the hat-trick.

And for a second week in a row, 100% of the Boyz
that played, made it out afterwards to the bar.
That's got to count for somethin'.

Joel was the lone Sugar boozer.

David Quarter and Andrea were representing Green.
I miss Mike and Patrick at the Firk. Come on out guys.

Then David Quarter tells me my Nephew is in the back,
and he knows of another party in Yorkville where his
aunt (my cousin) is the promoter so after drinking
free shots there till last call, I finally arrive home
at 2:30 am. It really does feel as full as a New Year's Eve.

Chrissie Hines is a goddess. Sorry Dave and Alan.
Congrats Mitch and Ron.

Happy New Year One and All.

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