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Juranka's Corner

Oct 29 & Nov 12, 2007

Picture yourself
looking at a game
but not the game
you are playing in.

Yet while you are
watching one game
another game is
beneath you
not only
in spite of you
but because of you…

No one can explain
how the superstar
in us and also
on our teams
arises and why
one night
we are great
while on another
we suck
but we
look at those stats
and discover that
all the teams
but one
within two points of first place.

grey is winless
missing its
franchise player
who is returning
next week possibly
I remember game one
where they tied the
intense blue dream
without curley
or lessem and we all thought
now that’s a scary team

but parity is never
a simple matter

Joel and Joy’s daughter’s
name is Julia like
my mom’s mum.

Beautiful name.
Wonderful grandma.
I could wax lyrical
for hours about her
but its hockey
that I’ll try to stick to

The fifth place team
could be tied for first

Which is exactly
what happened
to the fat old blue
dream machine
team F over the
last 2 games

climbing to the 500 mark
for the first time
with a win over a
previously undefeated
black team A

and climbing to
first place
with a second win
over team
Black A

the fat old
blue machine
the key

which is

in the end
it’s the shit

you need to
take the
Jamie Adam
extra seriously

they’ve got symbiosis
have won more
batman robins
than have
ever been awarded
because they
really work it

and both ready
to attack

these guys
are hungry

and on caffeine
and on the move
the very instant
you lose possession

so whoever
was covering them
had to have
the attitude of
“not on MY watch”

be prepared
run twice as hard
and shift fast

the only way
to beat them
is to up your speed

so either they bring out
your best game…
(for which
we can thank them)
or you lose

but winning or losing
in total peace
and joy
is empowering,

Then the only thing
that can
bring you down
is the service
at the firkin
which is incidently
also improving.

So lets get back
to hockey right ?

You dedicated yourself
and your goalies will
take care of the rest

shutting down the offense
can be 150%
of your job description
and your lines’ job too
especially if the other team
is stacking their offense

Defense is a strange obsession.

Some nights its happening
some nights it ain’t.

most of the teams
are gelling and
their captains
have expressed
that they would be happy
with no changes
that is great news

most of the players
in our league
are content

I wish everyone was content
with their team and chances.

Hopefully everyone
feels at home
on their team

it is the policy
of our league
to put
as many friends
as possible
on the same team

that is why
we have the
player's wish list

ideally every player
gets to play
with the players
they most enjoy

and don’t have to play
with any players
that they do not
enjoy playing with

when we pick teams
the wish list
is the backbone
of the process
and THEN we
try to balance talent
around the friendships

the withrow boys
all wanted to play
on one team
but of course
that team
would have been
way too strong

we needed
to take manny
off of a team
with jamie and adam

you can’t have
three top scorers
on the same team

it is forced to be
lop-sided by design

with such strong offence
they had to compensate
by shouldering some
weaker players

for those at the top
of the scoring race
the real challenge
is to take
all of your players
to the finals

from real challenge
comes real heroics

the best way to do that is to
bring out the best
in your weaker players

that especially
always made the difference
in playoff games
gregus proved himself
to be just that sort of
playmaker last spring

all I can say is to send out
healing vibes to my friends
who are injured and
hoping you recover perfectly
so you can again resume
your love affair with this sport

without amir and packer
(where’s packer ?)

I remember how easily
Gregus green beat the
Ice blue dream machine
when amir was healthy

we aim for balance
between teams
and within teams

this league is
first of all
about having fun
and we recognise that
all teams need to be competitive
for its players to have fun
but which team is hot
seems to always vary
every team played once
with every other team
during the first 5 games
of the season

that fifth game
was held on Oct 29th

then we had a week off and

on Nov 12th there was a rematch
between the teams that played
on the Oct 29th

blow-outs can be demoralizing
for some players

and it not good
for the league
in general
so when it happens
the parity patrol take notice

is it a chronic concern
or just a temporary

team B played
the last two games
without two of
its stronger players

both Packer and Amir where absent

but then
when the same two teams
first met
on Oct 29th
white team C
won the squeaker
one goal game

so close yet
both Packer
and Amir
again absent

how does it happen
that two teams
that are matched up
identically man-for-man
on two different nights
can produce
two absolutely different outcomes…

both nights
the exact same players
on both teams
except for one exception

last years’
rookie of the year
paul st.onge
was there on squeaker night
but absent
on blowout night

actually he was
the highest scorer
for team C
in the squeaker game
with two goals,
so would he have scored
a dozen on blowout evening ?

so now team C
comes under
the parity spotlight

important to know
where is packer ??

amir may be out
for the season
so the strength of the team
is definitely compromised

in points per game
he is fifth in the league
and gregus is second

sarner and adam
are first and third
sander is the highest
points per game on
the dream machine
clocking in at eight
aron at nineth

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