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Jan 15, 2007

the first two games
featured complete squads
and in fact only
three players were
absent last monday
& that has to be
a first

those first two games
were so close and
intense that it seemed
as though full-squad
parity is blossoming
into ultra-close games

then the third game
blew all our expectations
as the Baby'z established
a dominance that is
taking all of us
by surprise

if you thought they were
first because of their
tight defensive game
then imagine them
scoring 10 goals
against the perennial
green favourites

The experience vs.
The Grey Lords
was as tight as...
a playoff game

no team ever got
more than a one
goal lead all game

manny had a wild
touch giving passes
that were as hard
as slap shots

his intensity and
the speed at which
his game is still
improving is an
amazing thing to

ron did a great job
as the referee and
in the end regretted
not giving grey a
bench penalty for
loud and obnoxious

there is a huge difference
between cheering and
jeering although they
are both loud and can
both be annoying

if players are shouting
to get every possible
advantage on every
possible call that the
ref makes or misses
and if the nature of the
yelling at players is
negative then it is
jeering and should be
penalized because it
goes against the spirit
of the league

yeah we may be the
only league that still cares
about sportsmanship
but over the years
we've seen an improvement
in the vibe and that
is what it is all about

if we can all become
better sportsmen then
why not ?

its true that some are
always more negative
then others

we will never see
andrew mcphail telling off
the ref or his team-mates
and maybe we may
never be able to get
jamie to tame his
but by making it
a disadvantage
we draw attention back
to this unlying goal that
we affectionately call
the spirit of the league

you can't legislate morality
but you can penalize
negative behavior

that said... it was an
amazing game to play in

evan and larry
were amazing
in net

i was responsible for
giving away at least one goal
but oh well, if someone
has to screw up let it be me

White trash vs.
Red Light District

Gregus is back
and his team simply
plays better when
he is around

He and Amir
were responsible
for setting up
red's first five goals
which were scored
by evan, jeff, telpner
and 2 by andrew

five assists for amir
and two for mark
on three way passes

the trash was never
too far behind
as the new trash
line-up was full
for the first time

kanter looks like
he is back to 100%
and marshall is
always dangerous

at one point
kanter was stepping
behind his bench,
in fact one of his feet
were firmly planted
on the other side
of the bench
when the ball
hit the foot
that was still
on the court

since his sub was
already on the court
i had to call a
"too many men" penalty

it was a difficult call
because kanter isn't
even one of those players
that love to sit
with their legs or stick
hanging over the side
of the bench

its was a total fluke
that the ball happened
to catch the back of his foot
as he was stepping over
but, as in the NHL,
the contact with the ball
by someone who is
not supposed to be
on the court is a penalty
and it was on that
power play that
michael telpner scored
and gave his team the
lead late in the second half

gregus scored on the empty net
giving red a long awaited victory

Gang Green vs.
The Baby'z

I was asking the green players
what happened because
in their two previous games
these teams were close

the gang won
the first encounter 6 to 4
and the babes won
the next one 2 to 1

what happened to the gang's D ?

and also
what happened to the babe's O ?

they are supposed to be
the defensive team that is first
by winning low-scoring games
by a margin of 1 or 2 goals

reznick russell and the saint
said that all was well
up to the beginning
of the second half

in fact gang green was leading 2-1
at that point and then
it seems as though
davie and puya
went on a scoring rampage

both of them scored 4 goals each
and that brought dave's total to 5

lepage said that
"everytime i poke-checked someone
they would take the ball
back to the other end
and score"

paul had three assists and
lorne had two assists and a goal
puya has 4 assists and 4 goals
and lantz Sr. had 5 goals,
2 assists putting him
on top of the scoring race
and establishing the babes
as the team to beat
in this wonderful
joyous, amazingly
awesome league

the FIRKIN was at its finest

heather mercer
our gorgeous waitress
of 2 years
was given some lousy shifts
and won't be
staying there for long
and we will miss
her spunk and
general all-around cuteness
but on this night
she was not working
and could join us
in her drunken state
and that was a first

the votes were tallied
and amir was voted
onto the committee
so finally
the most opinionated guy
in the league
has more than a soapbox
to stand on

see you all next week

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