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Sept 25, 2006

suddenly its hockey season again
and all i needed was 20 seconds to know
that this is the best game in the world
and that our league is cutting edge fantastic

now we have an olympic ref !
how about that ? unbelievable ?

has the hoser's dream gone surreal ?

a great bunch of new players
with tons of talent and speed

word on the street is
watch out for the saint (st. onge)
because he's going to amaze us

so anyway
i walk into the gym
during the warm-up
and experienced
all that familiarity
of faces & expressions
warming up
in familiar ways
taking shots
or deeking

it took
about 20 seconds of that
for me to remember
every awesome monday
for years and years
but i wouldn't say
i remembered consciously
but more unconsciously
the way senses mix
in the broth
of familiarity

a few yelps and i was home

and how awesome
to have john sinhur in net
for his last chance to play
this year cuz
he bought
a piece of land in mexico
where we're all invited
but right now
all its got on it
is a bus
how awesome is that ?!

have an amazing trip john
and see you soon

an olympic ref
who played back-up goalie
for the detroit red wings !

okay i'll stop
before marijuana gets accused
of exaggeration

he was making those calls
fast and snappy, wow,
he doesn't take any bullshit !
he's on it and
its going to clean up the hacking

the team-building process
was 100% organic

the wish-list forms the core of teams

you the players have given the teams shape
and all that the commissioners had to do
was to tweek & balance the forces

there is so much talent
and personality out there
that its easy to make
six great and fun teams

its magical to watch teams
make themselves and
its where
the hoser's dream
meets alchemy

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