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Mar 27,2006

its not in every league
that your team-mates
smoke you up after the game
and all the rest of the guys
get drunk or at least
drink a lot and share
wisdom and laughter
ego and innocence

everyone brought their own version
of what a hoser's dream
should be like

i finished the season
half way back in the scoring race
and overjoyed that first place
ended up in the black team's lap

sure we worked
as hard as the next team
and all of our players
are really good looking
but still,
even after chris said
we could do it
in february when almost
all the teams were tied
for one week
in first or second place
even then
when chrise mentioned
that the black team will finished first
i thought
it was crazy talk

the kind of talk that makes prophets
out of bumbling ranting lunatics

first he said we could beat grey
which was already loco
and then a week or so later
it was a brief subtle easy-to-miss
comment about finishing first
that i passed off as an
amir-style over-the-top
wishful boast that
wankers fling in all directions
but here we are
and as flukey and undeserving
as we may be,
that title landed awkwardly
and suddenly with only a game to go
in our palms

my hoser's dream is staring me in the face again

i didn't do as well this year in the personal stats
and still that hoser's dream is pinning me down

it refuses to let me go

i've never finished at the top
and finishing first
never bode well
for the championship series
but tanner and i have a remedy for that

instead of taking a week off and
losing the momentum,
the black and grey teams
will play pick-up

it doesn't sound like much but
there is a curse on top finishers
and curse-busting is subtle business

it seems that the championship series
loves the so-called underdogs
and its hard to be a first place underdog
althought that best describes
the essence of the black team

how did we get from third to first ?
that default took two from grey
and today grey took two from yellow

i guess we just stuck around while
the top two beat each other up

divide and conquer
alright, enough gloating
who really cares about that anyway
i just love a by because
stevie will be away next week and
who wants to be eliminated
just because steve chamberlain
has some silly audition

love was in the air

chris brought his girlfriend to the firkin
and david m's wife dropped by after
her maternity yoga course

honestly speaking now
how many of you guys take a drink
from the fountain
and do not take a brief glance
into the maternity yoga class ?

i'm not saying that you're fantasizing
wild and absurd
erotic sacred primal craziness
but just a brief glance
that's all

its not wrong
in fact
it may help with the digestion
of water

alright now that we're talking hockey again
i have to admit that
the one game elimination
scares the poo out of me
because its so merciless

suddenly the ball bouncing badly means
you and your team are wacked

no glory
the season is over
and its not even april, hardly

who wants to watch
a month of ball hockey
from the jogging track ?

its painful just thinking about it and
i wouldn't wish it on any of our teams

amir's girlfriend came out to watch today
how did he end up as a scoring leader ?

maybe talking the talk
leads to walking the walk...
i say walk
because he rarely runs
and with the late game
15 to 5 blow-out
of red over green,
perhaps all of the "dogs"
finished in the top five

enough about hockey
let's talk haiku

josh blows whistle
silent frowns
a new face-off

josh blows whistle
running stops
floor creaks

heather serves pitcher
dreams alight
shy smiles shine

break-away pass
eyes before stick
shot misses mark

wobbling pass
solid intention
stick is lucky

its hard to express the mechanics of luck
but the essence of haiku can penetrate
to the feeling of good fortune or not

unlikely pass
in the slot
gift from gretzky

hockey haiku is still a young art-form
especially considering that
the other types of haiku are
much older

2 a.m. tuesday
dawn almost
pillow waits

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