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Feb 3, 2003

my monday night started with my mother informing me
that one of the 7 kids who died in the avalanche Saturday
was a friend of ours. I hadn't checked their names but sure
enough Daniel Arato was one of them. My dad was
very close to Daniel's grandfather and we had cottages
on the same Lake (Chandos) in Haliburton.

The first game between Gabe's Team and the Boyz
was amazing. The Boyz would have been the underdogs
even if they would have had their top two scorers so
their determination was truly a thing to behold.

Sugar is definitely on a roll extending their winning streak
to a season high of 2 games in a row ! Congrats guys.
Next week the Boyz better be ready for another doozer.

Shiney missed the Pylons games with probably the same
illness that forced Larry to leave early and Carrie to miss the Firkin.
Man were we surprised that we pulled a win out of our
super-close game with Laurie's Team. In the words of Paul
"Ron was a defensive wall and scored the insurance goal
on a blistering shot". Carrie assisted on that insurance goal
and luckily for us Gregus kept shooting the ball
over the top of the net.

With all the unfounded rumours about Laurie and Jason having
died down finally, now the league is faced with the fact that
Laurie and Mike Guest will be hanging out for 3 weeks in Canada's
gorgeous Western Winter Wonderland. Three weeks is a long time!
On a serious note, watch out for avalanches.

The Firkin situation was a difficult scenario because our last game
started so late (around 9:30) that no one was left when us lategamers

Alledgedly Jon and Sander had been at the bar the week before
but left. (the jury is still not out on that one)

The Pylons were all there yesterday except for the Pukers
(we hope you've all recovered)
Mark and Evan were there too.

If 5 of the Boyz, or 4 extra Sugars had been out earlier
then this is their first Firkin victories. Let us know.

There is talk about rescheduling games for the end of the year
because of Tom's Place (no relation) and construction.
My vote is to stretch out the season. If they force us to
lose a game then we should ask for two in return.
I'd rather play organised hockey than pick-up thru the
summer, do the playoffs in August, just in time for the
new schedule to start up in September.

I've attached a night photo of the earth from the space station
which I think is truly gorgeous
and a link to a Flash movie which mentions
the Bush family's shady nazi past in WW2 that had been a topic
of conversation last night.


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