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Nov 14, 2005

Well we all knew
that at some point
the traditional big scorers
would start to line up
on the top 10 list

Tanner has finally emerged there.
Dean and Andrew McPhail are
newcomers to this list
but their consistency may indicate
that they are there to stay

Nice to see Dave Lantz
back on this list

Last week's games were
fast and intense and
lets start at the beginning

Vinnie came out to ref.
Amasing to see you again bro.

The hallowe'en colours kicked it off

ORANGE vs. the (BLACK) crows

both teams were tied in the standings
with a perfect 1-1-1 record

both teams had a full roster

the big difference was the
play of andrew mcphail
who scored twice in the first half

dave and lorne always play on the same line
but with 7 players the third on that line
kept switching from richard to sander

the other line was responsible
for 4 of their 6 goals

robert sarner has great ball sense
and a wicked shot

dan is persistent and seems to be
able to score at the most unlikely moments

mcphail can do no wrong

the Crows (CAH,CAH)
had a bit of trouble finding their groove
with the full 7 man squad

steve was in on every crow goal
with a goal and three assists

YELLOW vs. GREY (or F.U.A-hole)

without gregus
the yellow team loses its mission

they played with only 4 players
and for this early in the season
thats a tall order for any team

larry was unavailable so a new netminder
friend of harris' called Les (for leslie)
did a remarkable job between the pipes

this was tanner's break out game
with six points he more than doubled
his total points for the season

nolan sarner had a great game
scoring a hat-trick and an assist

for yellow, dean has been
a shining star getting 4 or more point
in 3 of 4 games


i was playing net for red first
and i was so stoked that
during the warm-up
i didn't let in any shots from the point

in fact only after i stopped looking
did kich fire one past me
and as it turned out, that
little piece of superstitious extra-play
may have set in motion the magic
that kich would have all night

he scored all four army goals
on jesse in the first period

aron score a couple on me and
assisted on the only other
first period goal when he
set up jeff as he pinched in
from the point

it was still a one goal game
but as the army started to
open up a larger lead
the green machine began to
completely unravel

its the easiest mistake to try
to forego defense with the
hopes that a strong offense
allow the defense to
take care of itself

instead what happened and
usually happens is that
the team in front gets
the feeling of blood-lust
as their scoring seems
to be rewarded by even
more opportunities to score

nine army goals in the second half
on yours truly
didn't do much for my GA average
but I have to say that
i had a great time

i stopped all the shots that
were coming straight at me

unfortunately there were
a lot of 2 on ones
and some 2 on nothings
in which the final pass
left me way way way
out of position

there were some complaints
about red being overly celebratory
and rubbing it in

i saw it mostly as exuberance

to be a gracious winner
doesn't mean you stop scoring
just because your team
is way ahead

blow-outs are a part of this game

the fun aspects of competition
die when either team
has to stop trying

way to go kich
for your first 9 point game

i have to go back to the archives
to find out if that's a record

i remember tanner
having a record setting game
and then chamberlain
matching or beating it
but just how many goals
or points those were
i cannot remember

another stat worth noting
is my incredible 0.25
point per game average

maybe i'm due for another point
one of these days

i think i should be playing
for the raptors

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