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Sept 12, 2005

so with a simple twist of fate,
a couple of pitchers of beer,
the players stats and wish list,
creative experimentation
and psychological analysis,
new teams were co-created

starting with team leaders
in scoring and/or motivational roles
we evolved the six teams

we made sure
that no one played with
anyone they didn't want to
as often as posibble
we also fulfilled the wish list

shuffling players and
sometimes groups of players
that had to move together
because they wished
to play together

for the first time in a while
aron and i are not playing together
we are free agents baby
not the kind of players
that absolutely must
play together

no way man, we're solo artists
but it was fun when we did

last year chris chambers
didn't start with his buddies
paddy, paul russell and tanner
but ended up with them later

this year again he
is stranded
now as one third
of the cha-cha line

short for
which is a tongue twister

i can barely imagine
the speed
of that combination

even when high rez
amir cornberg glen and i
are tired
at the end of the game
we will still
be doing the cha-cha

* * * * * *

the two new commissioners
joel and harris will be awesome

joel's and jeff's passion
for this league
is historic

they are like forefathers
i really hope that
they harmonize quickly
they've always been
perpetual duelling partners
and now they are

both on the same team

working together

fulfilling their hoser dreams
as commissioner team-mates

its the dream
that they
might have had
decades ago

that they'd be continuing
to shape the league's
rules and traditions
as old-timers
at this stage
of the league's maturity

the popularity of this league
is unprecedented

and its the same league
which they
attended religiously
when it
was in its infancy
& they
were in their teens

even when i first started
joel and jeff were the
two most vocal captains

both acted
like they owned the place

well now
you've been elected
to do
what you already do

act like you own the place

its like a dream
isn't it ?

harris will be the great stabilizer
with the huge task of
remaining calm

he will also
simultaneously be
the ultimate ruler

with the swing vote
in all joel-jeff

totally chilled
and with
absolute power

the card shark
who is so quiet
that he looks
like the underdog

joel inspired me
with the speed
that the new teams
were emailed out

to our league

glen and

thanks anissa

for joining us
at the game
and at the firkin

and for the nachos

and for the floorball demo
this past summer

its great to see
where the swedes
took our game

and thanks in advance
for looking into the possibility
of adding floorball sticks
to our current stick collection
but alas
i am no longer the stick-man
of our league

mike tanner
will switch immediately
to the floorball stick

i guarantee it

i loved playing with it
its definitely a short stick
which means extra legwork
the ball-control
is absolutely incredible

the pros can literally
pick the ball up
off the ground
and stick-handle
like in lacrosse
back and forth
the ground

its weird but
in this country
we pride ourselves
on hockey
on diversity

so its not surprising
that we have a dream league
with both

the firkin was well-attended
and karrie was our waitress
thanks karrie

and we'll miss andrea the waitress
she was crazy-fun wonderful

good night
sweet dreams

see ya next monday

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