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Jan 31, 2005

its been so long
sorry about that folks

without further ado...

the good news is...

gabe (& tanya) tick
had a second child,

a son this time called Koby
which is the diminutive for Jacob
(and he did NOT name him
after Kobi Bryant)

the bad news is...
Tim's doctor has recommended
that he not play any more contact sports
because it may lead to arthritis later

tim is one of the sweetest players
in the league and he has a passion
for the game and the community

no one has done more for the website
and his firkin personal power-ranking
has to be at the top of the league

also on the bad news front...
Noah had an operation
and will be out for a month or two

get well soon

Patty re-sprained his ankle
during the all-star game

hope that's healing quickly

- - - -

we last left off
three weeks ago

here are the brief summaries

January 10th

the one thing i remember most clearly
is that i played goal
in the final game
which was a showdown between
the eminence
which had emerged
as the second place team
during the december rebel meltdown
and the ronnellys who were
and still are
the uncontested
first place team

playing goal against
high scoring teams
is something that is
in the cards for me
since my first start in net
was against
the under40's all-stars

maybe i'm a sucker for punishment

it wouldn't do much for my
goals against stats but
i'm not in the running for
the vezina trophy this year

in fact, again tonight,
for my second regular season start in goal
i'll be net for the final game between...
you guessed it,
eminence vs. the ronnellys

if i can keep
either of these two teams
under 5 goals per half
i'll be happy

GAME ONE (Jan10)
mellow rebel bees vs. chop-chop

everyone was back from the holidays
and itching to play

the bumble bees had lost
the last two game of the year
and were hoping to change their tune

the choppers had davey back &
the momentum was on their side

who would be the first to lose
to the choppers ?

the bets were fast and furious

vegas was going crazy
and all the good money
was on the bumbling bees
giving the choppers
their first victory

aron "always steady" slippicoff
was in net on one end
and john sinhur began his
tenure as a regular goalie
on the other

as with all chopper games
it started out close
but then opened up
if the other team could capitalize
on a steadily waning chopper defense

four goals for gregus
and a 9-4 mellow victory
meant that vegas would have to wait

zeps vs. the sistas

five on five hockey
as tim and vinnie
jeff w. and patty
were all absent

reznick scored 2 of the three pastures goals
and the kichler-chambers combo
accounted for 5 of zeps 6 goals

this game was significant because
it was a harbinger for how things
would continue throughout the month
for these three players, rez, kitch and stevie

amazing game
eminence was hot and in second place
and wanting to show the ronnellys
what to expect in the playoffs

yeah i let in some soft goals
i remember about three in the second half
while i was defending for the eminence
but the eminence fought back
and since tanner was getting extra coverage
he dished it off to his team-mates
especially chris chambers
who scored four times plus an assist

tanner assisted on 6 & scored 3

he was in on every eminence goals
in this 9-all tie

shane and jeff had 5 point
adam had 4



Game One (JAN17)
zeps vs. the eminence

two lines had formed on the zeps
with aron mitch and i on line A
and vinnie kitch and stevie on line B

who we were matched up with had
more to do with the other team
because we weren't going out of our way
to match up with others
but this game
it seemed that the tanner line
was synchronized with our line
and we knew that would mean
we'd be on defense most of the game

our line B picked up the slack
with stevie scoring 5
vinnie assisting on 4
and kitch scoring a hat-trick with 2 apples

we managed to keep tanner
down to two goals and an assist

zep wins 9-5

mellow vs. the sisters

what an intense game this was,
3 all at the half
and it could have gone either way

yellow had a full squad
and green was without patty

in the second half the mellow machine
began to churn out the goals
outscoring the sister 5-3
to win by two

sander had a hat-trick and an apple

chopper vs. the ronnellys

all bets were off for this one
as the choppers were set to lose
to the league leading black team
but wait...
the ronnellys were without silver
but as the minutes ticked away
it was apparent that they'd be
without shane as well

oh the poetic irony

the league leading ronnellys
who had tied green
before xmas break
and then tied grey right after
had not won a game since
the first week in december
and would be the team
to hand the choppers
their first victory

nobody would have guessed it
but truth is stranger than fiction
and when shane and silver
don't show up then black
is a mere shadow
of its (dark) self

jamie fought bravely into the second half
even when the ronnellys where
down by three goals

he turned to the spectators
and announced that this game
wasn't over yet
and then went on a rampage
scoring three goals in a row

but the choppers regain the lead
at the end of the game
and won their first game
of the year

without shane and silver
davie felt like it was a hollow victory

but the spectators who had been
cheering on the choppers all game
loved to see them register their first win


ronnellys vs. the sisters

to be fair
noah, shane and jamie were absent
but then so was andrea and patty

anyway, the ronnellys hadn't won
in over a month and a half
and then again tonight
they were beaten
on an amazing
late game surge
by the sisters

high rez scored a natural hat-trick
and then assisted on jeff wener's
last minute game winner

after tying
twice in a row
the ronnellys lost
twice in a row

although still at the top of the standings,
this team was now officially
(for the first time this year)
on a losing streak

mellow yellow vs. the grey eminence

grey took an early 3-1 lead into the half
and then got into penalty trouble

in particular, roy posted up too solidly
and puya did a spectacular...
whatever puya does...
(sort of a flop thing)
over the top of him

and it looked so convincing
that roy got a 5 minute penalty

which in turn resulted
in the first two amir goals

chris got the go ahead
but amir tied it once more
to get a hat-trick

and the game ended 4-all

the second eminence tie
in two weeks
against two of the top teams
proving that the rise of the eminence
to the top of the standings
was no fluke

choppers vs. the zeps

five on five as
nolan and dave hodes
mitch and tim
where absent

after john sinhur saved the zeppelins ass
on two break-aways,
the zeps scoring machine
got into gear

at the xmas break
aron and i were the only two zeps
in the top ten scoring race
but within three games
kitch and stevie
would be replacing us

after this game
aron mitch and i
were officially called
"the B line"

kitch scored a double natural hattrick
(6 goals in a row)
during the second period
which meant his final tally for the game
was 7 goals and an assist

steve scored twice and assisted
on 5 of kitch's second period goals

paul lepage mentioned that
he doesn't think it is decent
to run up the score on orange
when they begin to collapse

he thinks the zeps
and his own mellow team
are the worst offenders

i think he has a good point
and if we didn't count stats
then i'm sure the exuberance
may be easier to contain
but given the opportunity
to boost your stats, it hard
for any player to resist
the blood lust

maybe we can discuss this tonight at the firk

JANUARY 31st (last week)

Game ONE (JAN31)

zeps vs. the eminence

this time around the job of covering the tanner line
was divided 50-50 between our A and B line

it was a fun and intense competition

steve covered tanner and the logic
of trying to run mike down
finally started to make sense

of course you need
someone with the stamina
of steve chamberlain
to do it
but after a few miles of sprinting
we'd see mike gasping
as he went to his bench

you don't see that very often

in addition to covering tanner
steve scored four goals and had an assist

in addition to covering chamberlain
mike scored four as well and had an assist

hat-trick for aron

game was tied 8 all

Robyn and Flynn were watching
Mike's heroics from the track
and after the game
Mike and i vowed
to be playing this game
10 years from now

Alan and Paul Lepage have sons
who are eligible to play
(Eric was 16 when he began)


Choppers vs. the Ronnellys

a rematch of the first chopper win
two weeks earlier

this one had
shane and silver
in the lineup
and after being
on a losing streak
the ronnellys
were looking for payback

the choppers on the other hand
weren't going to roll over
and led the game 2-1
at the half with
powerplay goals by
dan and dave hodes
both assisted by davie

in the second half
davie assisted
on a goal by lorne
but that was all the choppers
would get

a hat-trick by marrus
silver and shane
and the game ended 9-3 ronnellys

another episode of a team
running up the score on a
collapsing orange defence

this newsletter has been a marathon

covering a month at a time
doesn't do justice to the play
and talk that happens week to week
and from now on i'll try to be
back on schedule


Larry gets a pinched nerve in the neck
and Harris puts on the goalie pads
for the first time (ever??)

Sistas vs. Mellow

without high rez, joel lessem or patty
the 4 person sistas squad took on
a gregus-less mellow yellow team

hat-trick by evan
four assists and a goal by jeff wener
and a couple by amir and shalinsky

but the high-light of the evening
that became a legend
when the story was retold
later at the firkin
was the transcendental goal
scored by andrew mcphail

we all dream of scoring
goals like these

mellow was one goal down
in the last minute and
had pulled Harris their goalie

andrew got the ball
and shot it high
over everyone's head

it looped back down
right into the net

what makes a goal transcendental ??

for starters
it has a dream-like quality

not just a hoser's dream
because that could be quite ordinary
but rather a surrealistic dream

andrea discribed it in
shamanistic "time warp" terms

everyone watches and
it seems to take forever
but the inevitable
perfect shot unfolds
in front of your eyes

its quarter to six
and i gotta get ready
for a brand new set of games tonight

it should be amazing

davie vows that
orange will get
its second win tonight
against the sisters

the zeps will fight
to hold onto second place
against the fiery mellow bees

and the eminence
will be taking on the ronnellys
in the last game

see ya' all

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