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Nov 8, 2004

a second blow-out for the zeppelins

gracefully failing...
appearing like water
deriving impression
manifesting illusion
exuding classical peace
draped in psychedelic comedy

clear, true, sub-self and
as fiery as life

a dazzling defenseless display
pointless poetic posturing

joining the choppers as
the permanent under-dogs

we have arrived

but lets start with


The RONellys vs. the Eminence

i met jamie in the parking lot
and he thought the eminence
was the best team after the trade

but the (newly renamed) Ronellys
won again

jeff and shane had hat-tricks
adam had a couple

at the moment these three
are the league's most powerful line

roy had a couple for the eminence

it was 2-2 when the ronellys
started to pull away
it was 6-3 at the half
and ended 8-4

i met the eminence team
after the game
and chris, paul and mike
were in great spirits

happy to be playing
on the same team

alan silverman picked up two penalties,
one short of an automatic suspension

wouldn't it be ironic to suspend
a school principal

you better behave alan
or we're sending you to the office!


Pastures vs. the Choppers

both teams had only 4 players

evan had four goals
patty had three
and that accounted for the pastures 7 goals

andrew mcphail (the scoring machine)
had orange county choppers only two goals
(both assisted by lorne)

vinnie recommended that i check out
which is lorne's website
and its awesome

check out the intern video
it will give you
good vibrations

unfortunately richard was
at the beastie boys concert and
davey is still injured so
the choppers can't get off the ground

a lot like the zeppelins these days

maybe its bad luck to name your team
after things that fly

it was 3-1 for greener pastures
at the half and it ended
7 to 2


which sent me into weird poetic frenzy
at the beginning of this newsletter

was between the Zeps and Rebel Yell

amir let me know at the beginning of the game
that his team was hyped because they had lost
to us last time by only one goal

i thought that the zeps would win simply
because we were blown out last game
and the pattern for everyone but the choppers
is to come back after a blow-out and win

well it seems that the zeppelins have
a lot more in common with the choppers
except for the fact that
they lose without their best players while
we lose with them

both the zeps and the rebels had all 7 players

carter was reunited with his buddies amir and matt

20 goals were scored this game
mark and puya had hat-tricks
2 by paul and
2 by amir who also had 6 assists
and 1 each by sander,matt,mike
every player on the rebels
scored in this game and that's
another thing that amir told me before
the game

he said that he was excited to play
with the rebels because every player
was "itching to score"

well they got to scratch that itch
with the zeppelins

on our side, aron scored 4 times
while the rest of us... cheered

we are a very cheerful bunch
of losers

we are the banner team for
having a great time in spite
of the score

at least no one will accuse aron and i
of stacking our own team

our problem was defence again
but after two blow-outs,
our next opponent better watch out !

no showers/steam/hot tub for the last game
this week but everybody will get the
opportunity for the super-spa treatment
next week thanks (as usual) to kim

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

the firkin rocked again
with most of the usual suspects
showing up

sander gave a lecture on
republican conspiracy theories

ruby pants was still a hot topic

and the zeps won the power-ranking again
with 6 (all but kitch) again

have a great weekend dudes
see you monday

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