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Oct 4, 2004

well team E won the Firkin powerranking last night with 5
and F (the incredible Red Zeppelins) won it on week 2 with 5 and curently there is a recount underway for week 1 (more later)

it was great to see Chris Chambers and Paul Russell join us at the Firk in fact they were amongst the very last to leave

the major topic of the day was "sticks"
because we've gotten indications from the higher-ups
that new sticks will in fact be on the menu this year

Sander thinks that no stick capable of breaking wrists should be allowed Tanner thinks that the rigid sticks are the more dangerous while Jeff Wener thinks that the weight is the most important factor and hates the big white plastic ones that Tony purchased for the league five years ago.

Let us know how you feel about the sticks.
No one has had a major injury from them.

Also, we are making a survey of everyone's "dream stick".

Here are the survey results so far

Those that use JCC sticks:
1) big white plastic - Gregus, Gabe
2) small black plastic - Andrea, Tanner, Patrick

Those that own their own:
4) white fibreglass (idomo 9300) - Ron & Jeff Wener, Chris, Paul R.
5) black fibreglass (less rigid than white) - Tom, Larry, Jamie (just broke)
6) transparent shaft - Dave & Loren Lantz, Paul wants one of these

so let me know your dream stick
whether you own it or need the JCC to supply it for you
and what complaints you have (if any) about different stick types

so yeah, this newsletter begins at the Firkin
because we can't stress how important it is to
rehydrate with alcoholic beverages
and water and of course
the usual post-game analysis

unfortunately the Firkin has stopped
giving us 15% off on our drinks

we get the 15% off on food but that's
usually only about 2% of the bill

although neither Val nor Hilary were there
Emmy became our new waitress,
and first of all, Hi Emmy and
thanks for bringing us those drinks
we love

i'll make sure you
don't take any flack from Aron,

he did this big dramatic complaining
about his beer,
it makes him feel sophisticated

Alright, on to the games...

First of all
John Sinhur has returned from the B.C. interior
to rejoin us as goalie.

The last time John played in our gym
he was the goalie for "Joel (Lessem)'s Team"
which had the rookie Paul LePage on it
and Evan

And they defeated "Jimmy Martella's Team"
for the championship.

Jim's team had Chris Drake, his friend Dave,
and three rookies namely Mike Tanner, Patrick
and myself (in net)

That was 6 years ago. Welcome back John
and for your rusty start you made some amazing saves.

GAME ONE (Black vs. The Red Zeppellins)

In my previous newsletter I had mentioned that
everyone is concerned about the strength of
the terrifying Big Black "C" team
and they were all smiles going into this game
after reading my last newsletter
as the undefeated awe-inspiring monsters that they are

Lev couldn't contain himself.
He was giggling every time he saw me.

Being the underdogs suits the Zeps fine though
because we love to get in under the radar
and for two thirds of this game we were within
a goal or two of Black

Then our house of cards came tumbling down

We tipped two goals past Larry into our own net
and our mad passionate offensive attempts
opened us up on defense
and we ended up four goals down

but still
congratulating ourselves
for the two-thirds of the game
while we were still in it.

What a work-out, I was gagging.
Lessem did his first gig in net and was
effective even with his wild style.

It was great to see him re-introduce
the goalie using his regular non-goalie stick.
In the end with the evolution i see
in this league, every player and goalie
will have picked his own variation
of equipment and style.
Diversity is natural and healthy
even for evolution.
Variation is beauty.
Monopoly is the great bain of even

Its amazing how much new goalies try
once they've stepped up to the plate.

Its really inspiring to watch them
throw themselves into it completely.

Especially for first time goalies
its a real moment in the spotlight

final score Black 7 - Red Zep 3

GAME TWO (Green vs. Orange)

Green had its complete 7 person squad.
Ron, Andrea, Jeff and Pat
have had a number of seasons
on the same team
and now with Evan and Joel
who've also had a few
successful seasons together
and now with
Chris Chambers
who, having recent experience
in a league with Tanner,
is used to the bounce
of the orange hard plastic ball hockey balls
( that are used in artificial rinks
by rollerbladers in the summertime )
and to whom the weird bounciness
of this designed-for-safety ball
is still new.
Imagine his stick handling
in a couple of months.

The wiffle ball is the hallmark of this
bizarre league with
its unpredictable bounce and
lightness induced, spin influenced,

Some days i have felt jinxed
and other days blessed
and mostly mixed
and i believe the wiffleball
had a lot to do with it.

Today Mitch passed it to me
and i just batted it out of the air
and into the far corner
in the first goal of our game
and it was total luck mixed
with wiffleball magic

Take a lot of shots on net.
Especially if you're close.
Lorne was deaking and scored
a pretty though totally lucky goal.
Great things happen
when you just take the ball
to the net

Orange was playing without Shiney and Dave,
two power forwards but
Sander was back in yoga pants
so this one could go either way.

Nolan opened the scoring
and then got super-pooped
the way that i do.

This league will get him in shape.
You definitely feel it

I remember how tired i got when
i joined and i was only playing net.

I think the adrenalin of just being
in a new game
burns up half your store of calories

three consecutive goals by Green,
Joel, Jeff and Evan
two assisted by Patty

answered by goals from Lorne and Sander
and it was tied 3-3 by the half

this was John's first half-game in six years
and using a boxing glove for a blocker
had only let in 3 (all in a row
during a mid period temporary
defensive collapse)

without dave and shiney
they were taking on the whole green squad

was Orange was playing
way over their heads ?

Mike Carter's goal put them within one
but this squeaker ended
Orange over Green, 5 to four


Grey vs. Yellow

Was Harris going to do it again

another 6 goal night ?

too much pressure for mortals

Yellow has a serious line-up
and they went to town tonight
gregus with 4, puya with a hat-trick
and more notably he assisted on two,
way to go man keep it up

it was excellent to see Dave Hodes
back in the league,
but it wasn't clicking for Grey

five to three at the half,
still close
but then yellow went ballistic
and the momentum just took over
like in our game
and it turned into a blowout

Larry mentioned at the Firkin
that every team sucked at
making smooth uncostly line changes

Some people decided to change
when they were at the far corner
of the gym
and would effectively give
a one man advantage to the other team
while they ran diagonally across
back to their bench

He couldn't believe how often
and how consistently through each half-game
it kept happening.

Change when you're already close to your bench
AND when your team has the ball
OR nobody has control (like after you've
lobbed it into a far corner)

Better to change too soon then too late.
If you are dragging yourself back to the bench
then you're too changing too late.

Send emails with stick preferences
(length, colour and whether plastic or fibreglass)

the committee welcomes discussion
of stick and especially safety issues

its a sticky situation, help us out
see you monday

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