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Sept 27, 2004

Rusty though i might be
its time for a new edition
of the JCC Ball Hockey Newsletter
because the season is completely
in gear

and because of the inspiring
poetry in motion
happening already

harris had a brilliant 6 goal game

the general caliber of the league
has again gone up a distinct notch

it seems we just get better

some of the close games have
that playoff intensity

welcome to the league
Mike Tanner and his buddies
Paul Russell and Chris Chambers
Roy's friend Harris, Jamie's brother Nolan,
Matt and Amir from Wed night pick-up
and Jordan Reznick

You guys rock
and i know this year
will be frikan absolutely unbelievable

I notice it right off the get-go

That very first pick-up game
already held the excitement
that was within us

summer was over and we
were itching to play

Tanner was back

Shiney and everybody were sporting
unconcealable smiles

the community was firing up

It will always be a fond memory for me
because thats the day i elected myself
to be on your committee

You may not have elected me
but when Vinnie asked if there were any objections
no one stood up to prevent my self-appointment
(except ron)

Wow, thanks guys

It was an amazing experience to watch the wheeling
and dealing and pseudo-scientific rating
of defensive-offensive-alchemical player combinations
that went on as the new teams were taking shape

Since we are trying to nurture good attitude
strong leaders were matched with people
who could best benefit from that
But that's already more than i can say about
what is supposed to be a closed-door process

is team C too strong ? seems to be the major concern
and of course, are the Red Zeppelins too good looking ??

which reminds me that every team HAS TO
name themselves or risk being named by us

another major concern are the sticks

Kimm got us our very own stick closet
so we no longer share sticks with the world at large

now we are hoping to get decent replacements
for the sticks that have bit the dust

we need someone to
to fix the super-cool nets we got last year

actually one of the nets even needs a screw
to hold the goal-post to the bottom

aron suggested that gaffer tape would do the trick
but most of us would prefer a screw

gaffer tape is so tacky and make-shift
while the screw brings that original clean look of completeness

anyway, i guess the important thing is that the goal-post
is still standing

the firkin power-rankings are being recorded
by digital camera and i'll be reporting on that
in the near future

our sweet and excellent waitress Hilary
got into law school, congrats

last week our new waitress didn't know about our discount
(we gotta get on the ball about that one)

so i guess at this time (or way sooner)
it would be appropriate to ask everybody
if they still want to be on this enormous email list

if you don't
then just let me know

i won't take it personally
unless you tell me to

i know this was a lousy newsletter
but at least its a start

see you all tonight (Oct 4)

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