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Juranka's Corner

Feb 23, 2004

with three games left to play in the season
the first two spots in the standings
are still up for grabs

if dijon and the plague lose their next three games
then all the other teams except red-eyes
could tie or get ahead of them

as you may all know,
the first two spots are important
because they get you past that
initial heart-less single-game playoff elimination
which has always been dicey
even for great teams

anything can happen in a one-game elimination
especially this year in which any team
on a given night can beat any other team

it is remarkable how much parity
we have achieved this year

"goals for" all the teams go from 90 to 100,
just a 10% range between the lowest and highest

"goals against" would be about the same
were it not for the plague's exceptional stats
in this department

we've played three games since the last newsletter
and the most unusual phenomenon
is that the plague has lost two of them
and moved into second place behind dijon

reporting on last monday's games

red-eyes blew away the hornets
who were without the silver-volling combo

Jordan returned from his two-game suspension
and red-eyes were on the offense all game

in the biggest upset of the evening
deranged soundly beat the full plague squad

at first our deranged concern was simply to stay in the game and it helped that the first two goals we scored on Jesse were absolute flukes but as time wore on Davy and Roy got into the zone the famous plague D started to evaporate.

Roy got his first hat-trick (way ta go man)
and Davy should be pulling into first place
in the scoring by the end of the year
with his new stick

in the end the plague allowed 12 goals which is
7 more than their average goals against per game
and 3 more than the second worst blow-out
which was a 9-4 loss to Grey in November

Deranged was more surprised than anyone
at the results and i supposed that's why
i'm still dwelling on it

Dijon and Gus have always enjoyed
high paced friendly games
and last monday's was typical of this

Dijon has tied its last two games
and close games are always more exciting

Ron netted two of Gus' four goals
permanently displacing Mark as the
Go To Man on that team

because of safety concerns and
at the request of the governors
Josh has been calling more penalties
and although it makes his job more difficult
and doesn't add to his popularity
he is doing it for our mutual benefit

it would be greatly appreciated
if players would just accept the calls
without the tedious uproar that
is unfortunately becoming commonplace

i've yet to see someone agree with a
penalty called against them and i've yet
to see a ref in any league reverse a call
because of a complaint so be a good sport
and just take it

over the last three weeks
GUS has continued to dominate

most impressively, two weeks ago
all seven had showed up even thought
they had lost their game
which shows the depth of spirit
in that remarkable team

i haven't tallied all the overall power-rankings yet
but i'm pretty sure that Gus has it in the bag already
with only 3 games left to go

have a great weekend
see ya'll monday night

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