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Jan 5, 2004

i felt dazed after walking into the gym
totally disoriented

what sport was everyone playing ?
who were those familiar faces ?

it took me about 5 minutes to adjust
and from the lop-sided scores this evening
it took others even longer

i met half of the red team as they pulled
out of the parking lot and they were happy
i learned later that Dean and Dave H.
played amazingly well as red
outscored Dijon 6-1 in the second half
to win 10-5

Dijon was without Shane & Steve
but Red was without their top scorer

As lop-sided as that game was
it wouldn't compare to the next
game which without a doubt
confused everybody

Gus was missing Jeff but even so,
nobody expected Mark, Patrick and company
to be held scoreless but in the final tally
the Plague trashed Gus with possibly
the biggest upset of the season
winning 10-0 in a merciless romp

I found myself cheering on Gus
because for once they were
without a doubt the underdogs

Lev was making moves but not finishing.
Patrick was fast, Mark was shooting but
nothing was going in.

In spite of this loss, Gus won the
firkin power-ranking for the evening
with 5 which shows how deep that team is
when it comes to spirit (or spirits)

Second place at the Firk went to Dijon
so it seems that losing in the gym
correlates to winning at the bar

The final game started late because
Green was going to default
when only two players showed up

Luckly Dave Quarter arrived and
the game began.

Without subs the green team tired first
and deranged without Dave (who arrives
today from Isreal) had no trouble
taking the game 8 to 1. The Hornets only goal
came when Shiney accidently cleared
the ball into his own goal.

Hats off to Dave Q., Andrew and Jonathan
who played all game
long after i had to crawl
to the bench gasping for air.

Rumour has it that Greg Fettes may not
be returning which is a pity because he
is such a fun character and a good athlete
but if so then deranged is next up for a
dip into the waivers department
and next on the waiting list is Rob
who is well known in the
summer pick-up hockey crowd.

For a league aiming at parity it is quite
unusual to have such lop-sided results
but mostly it can be explained by
people not showing up and also
by players who did show up
"not showing up" if you know what i mean

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