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Dec 15, 2003

Twas the last games before Chanukah-Xmas

and it began with the new improved Hornets
stinging the Deranged into a 5-1 lead.

the Hornets are like a new team with superstar
Jason Volling whom they just acquired off of Waivers.
By exercising this "option" the Hornets run the
risk of having eight players some evenings.

It was great to see them with two subs.
Not only was Jason ready to go
but David Quarter showed up too
and they both run at top speed.
At one point Quarter deeked out the
entire Deranged team and then the goalie
for a serious high-lite reel goal.

Its pretty incredible what happens
if you give Jeff Silver some speedy players
to pass to and so Deranged definitely
had their work cut out for them.

Coming back from a 5-1 deficit may seem crazy
but then crazy is what Deranged do best.
The game ended in a tie which felt like a
Deranged win in a deranged sort of way.

Its safe to say that the Hornets are now a new team.

Dijon was aiming at winning after having
lost the last two games. It wouldn't be easy because
they were playing the league leading Plague and
because Adam borrowed my glassless glasses (and
scored twice before the half). The first time
he was fed a behind the back pass from the far point
from Alan. It was a dangerous pass but it arrived
at the opposite point and Adam's slapshot got thru.
Later Adam crashed the net and a bouncy ball popped
over Jesse's pad for an easy tip in and Dijon was down
by two. Then Aron scored after picking Puya's pocket
and later Mitty managed to tie it up with a goal
in the final minute of the first half.

Dijon wanted it/needed it more and managed a victory.
Tim scored with a legendary 50 foot shot. And now
Grey Black and Yellow are all within two points
of each other in the race for first place.

Gus had a complete 7 person line-up and its always
amazing to witness that level of participation.
I wasn't at this game but from scout reports i hear
that red was passing really well. Also i heard that both goalies Larry and Paul were so good that it started to have the feel of a goalie showdown. Grey won 5 to 3 and end the year tied for first with the Plague. Red was without their Jordan, their big scorer/defenseman. Lev with his great deeks scored a high-lite reel goal. One observer remarked that the ball just seems to stick to his stick.

Josh was badly missed. There were verbal liberties taken
in the last two games which may have been better handled
by the impartial guy with a spine.

The Firkin was a total Gus blowout.
100% of their players showed for the game
and then they all went for drinks afterwards.
Dijon had 4 with Aron and the MTV line.
Deranged had Paul and
the Goalies had Larry and Paul again.

Now we all go into a 3 week ball hockey hibernation.
The older players know how this feels. The pointless anticipation on Monday afternoons, the empty feeling in your gut as 6:45 p.m. passes with no warm-up, no face-off, no sweat, no glory... Soon it becomes an average weekday evening. 10 p.m. arrives and no pints with team-mates and league-mates.

Well, i don't think i think its appropriate to end it on
such a sad note. Think of the positive side...
Christmas and Chanukah and New Year's eve
Ball Hockey will be back REALLY SOON.

see you next year.

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