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Dec 8, 2003

Red played its best game of the year tonight
They were winning during most of the first period
and took a 2-1 lead into the second
against the league leading plague

Maybe its because of
the Forest Hill Collegiate rivalry

Adam and Jamie
as well as all but Richard from Red
attended the same high school at
the same time

Another Forest Hill alumni
Jesse also had his best game
letting in only 1 goal all game.

The one goal lead which Red
took into the Second period
wasn't enough as Black scored three
unanswered goals and Jesse's
stellar performance shut-out red
in the second half

The win put the plague back in first place
because Gus minus the Weners
couldn't withstand the massive assault
of the Lantz brothers who were in on
every deranged goal tonight picking
up 10 of 12 possible points in the
6-5 squeeker between Gus and Deranged.

This game couldn't have been closer.

Even in the final moments of regulation time
Jesse had to stop a one-on-nothing breakaway
by none other than gregGus himself.

The final game, dubbed the Citrus Bowl
or the Lemon-Lime challenge was easily
the Hornets most awesome showing and
Dijons most dismal.

The signs of failure were evident from the start.
Moments before the game Laurie was the
only healthy starter ready to play and she
said she was tired. Vinnie had a cold and
sustained a bruised rib last game after
impaling himself with his stick which got
snagged on the wall as he ran behind the net.
He didn't think he should play but would if
he had to. Seconds before the opening faceoff
Mitch and Shane appeared and later they were
joined by Steve but it was a sloppy start and
without Tim and Aron (and a healthy Vinnie)
it would be a dramatically sloppy finish.
Eight goals were scored by the Hornets in the
second half of the second period and they
breezed into their second win of the year
with an 11 to 2 blowout.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Before i get into this weeks power-ranking
i have to mention that Lev was unaccounted for
last week which means that Gus won the
Dec 1 power-rankings 6 to Dijon's 5 1/2.

In this week's power-ranking the goalies
Jesse and Larry tied Deranged and the Plague
for first place which can't be a good sign.
Only seven players showed up. Dijon had
brave Vinnie who not only played the whole game,
sick with a cold and in pain with a bruised rib,
but he also stayed till the end at the Firk.

Paul had his fiftieth birthday on Friday and threw
a huge party at his friend Peter Kilgour's bar.

- - - - - - - - - -

Tonights big discussion was about Canadians in the
NHL because Larry and Jesse figured it was 53%.
I thought there were 16 on the leafs but alas
i was wrong. There are only 13 Canadians playing
for Toronto and they are Balfour, Belak, Domi, Druken,
Kidd, Jackman, Marchment, McCabe, Nieuwendyk,
Perrott, Roberts, Stajan, Tucker, and although Nolan
lived here most of his life, he was born in Ireland.

Jackman, Marchment, Roberts, Stajan are from the GTA
Niewendyk is from Oshawa
Domi is from Windsor
McCabe is from St.Catherines
Perrott is from Owen Sound
so 8 leafs were watching Toronto on Hockey Night in Canada

3 cze - Kaberle, Pilar, Reichel
2 usa - Fitzgerald, Klee
2 swe - Renberg, Sundin
1 ukr - Ponikarovsky
1 rus - Mogilny
1 ire - Nolan
1 kas - Antropov
1 fin - Berg
so 13 Canadians on the leafs makes 52%

Columbus, Dallas, and St. Louis have 17 Canadians
Calgary, Edmonton, Detriot, Minnesota,
and Montreal have 16
Chicago & San Jose have 15
Phoenix, Pittsburg and Tampa Bay have 14
Boston, Buffalo, Florida, Los Angeles, Ottawa,
and Toronto have 13
Carolina and Colarado have 12
Atlanta, Nashville, Vancouver and Washington have 11
New York Rangers and Philadelphia have 10
Anaheim and New York Islanders have 9
New Jersey has only 9 Canadians and 10 Americans
making them the only team in which another country
outnumbers Canadians

396 Canucks in the NHL out of 750 means 52.8%

the goalies were right
have a great week

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