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Juranka's Corner

Mar 2, 2017

What an amazing sport…
The running, stick-handling,
passing and shooting…
We show up because
we love the sport.
The plays, the team spirit,
engaged in our national sport,
in the warmth of a gym…
the best of all worlds,
then the bar afterwards…

What an amazing league!
A vibrant growing community
developed over 2 decades,
so diverse yet unified in our
monday night tradition.
We watched probably over
half the league go from
childless singles to married
with children… no joke

Every year is unique but
this one really stands out.

After winning six straight
championships Jeff Silver
and Dave Lantz are captaining
their own teams. Making the
finals far less predictable.

Our rookies are awesome.
Kathleen is back and she is
not the only woman in the league!
Shaalee Dworski is enjoying
her first season on the red team
along with fellow rookie
Mikal Gonzales.
Blue also has two rookies,
Kory Kroft and Ben Wells.
Ben leads his team in scoring.
Purple has Jonathan Elias who
is always an offensive threat.
Offensive even without his
famous “smelling gloves”
which became his codename
while teams were being picked.
Truly wonderful new additions
to our blossoming community.

Teams were picked by captains
this year. We haven’t used this
format for over a decade and
a half but after years of debate
our experimental commissioner
Daniel Eisenkraft Klein was willing
to test it out and its had some
interesting results.

The old system of using
elected commissioners relied on
their ability to balance teams
based on the players wish lists.
The wish-list was still being used
this year but not as tightly as before.
For example if you chose two
friends you wanted to play alongside
the captains made sure you got one
but not both.

The problem with the captain system
is that some captains are more
adamant about picking and holding onto
strong players than others.
Captains were picked based on their
athletic ability and not their
business negotiation skills.
Also captains can collude to weaken
a team unfairly and democratically
enforce that inequality.
Commissioners would automatically
correct obvious inequalities
but captains aren’t inclined to do so.
This is the main reason that
the Captain system fails the league.
Hoping we learn from this year and
go back to picking commissioners whom
we trust to bring parity next year.

The “spirit of the league” is a concept
that guides us in keeping the league fun.
The simple psychology behind it is
that we are here to have fun.
The more fun we have the better.
Our league is a social ecosystem and
all of its parts effect the whole.

Senseless bickering during a game
is probably the most important aspect
we can improve on.
Typically everyone complains
about Anson’s calls,
that is not unusual,
that is the norm…
its not pleasant for him and
thats why he gets the big bucks lol
but when you voice your opinion
do it respectfully and move on,
that should be the end of it.
Anson will not change his call
just because you don’t agree with it.
To get into a heated debate
with him, or opposition players
is completely counter-productive.
Stay your case to Anson quietly
and move on. Its absolutely ridiculous
and petty to watch grown adults
argue over who touched the ball last.
We are not in the playoffs and
how deeply does one possession
affect the outcome of a game ?
Anyone who gets upset about
trivialities needs to chill out,
get ahold of themselves, and
spend a second meditating
about the word “play”.
Taking the game too seriously
sucks the fun out of it
for you and for the others.

Even if the dispute is over
something a little more impactful
like a goal or penalty,
it still makes no sense
to get stirred up over it.
In case its not obvious,
if you are going to win in this league,
it will have to be within
the context of accepting Anson’s calls
cuz his decisions are final.

We love this sport and
this league is all about
developing better sportsmanship.
Be as competitive as you like.
Run as fast, burn as many calories,
play as awesomely as possible BUT
do it with gentle, classy respectability.
It may help to remember that
the opposition team is also
full of your friends.

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