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Nov 17, 2003

Two close games and one Blow-out tonight.

Black and Yellow tied 5-5.
I missed the game so i can't comment.

Grey went to town on a Silverless Green team.
Dan has a back problem and Jeff has
something wrong with his neck but
its not serious. Should be back next week.
Get well soon guys. Green needs ya badly.
David Quarter didn't show either which was
especially unfortunate because he's the
only one who runs at Patrick's pace.

Grey on the other hand had a full squad
and everybody was scoring. They seem to
be the most consistent of all the teams.

In our deranged d'Orange game vs. Red
neither team led by more than two goals
throughout the game until they pulled
their goalie and Davy scored two or three
time on the empty net. And the pace was
really fast all game long. Those young guys
don't tire easily even thought they all smoke
like chimneys.

Their wide open style changed our normal
defensive game. It was exciting trying to
keep up with them. And its what we needed
to discover our offense. It was a really
exciting game which could of easily
gone either way. Finally Davy started
scoring like the shooter we remember from
last year.

Richard tripped him after one of those
last minute empty net goals. In spite
of the fact that they are friends from
Winnepeg, and Davy claims they joke
around that way, and in spite of the
fact that Richard claimed Davy tripped
over his knee (which is not what everyone
in the gym saw), and in spite of the fact
that Richard claimed that Davy had been
hacking him early...
in spite of all these possibilities
it still looked like a major act of bad-
sportmanship. Even worse than whipping
your stick at the wall. Its the arrogance
of tripping someone out of frustration
after they score, then not apologizing
or checking to see if they're okay.
I've never seen that happen at the JCC

Adam thought it looked a lot like when
Bobby Orr was tripped after scoring the
cup winning goal in the early 70s'.
But in all fairness Davy was tripped
but not totally upended Orr style.

Josh had no choice but to eject him
immediately from the game.

I love to focus attention on bad attitude
because its important to nip this stuff in the bud.
The older players have seen what happens
when we let this stuff go unnoticed.

The Firkin was well attended tonight
by the deranged D'Orange team. All six
of our players were there. Greg Fettes is still
in his hometown of Regina. He went to the
Grey Cup game and he's probably still
partying out there. So outside of Greg
all our guys were at the Firkin for the
first time this year. Yellow was in second place
tonight, four strong. Adam went for a drink
then returned to see our game and then joined
us one more time at the Firk. That has to
count for one and a half for the black plague.

Another major topic at the Firk,
other than Richard and Bobby Orr,
was the confusion around the start time
especially for game three.
The Lantzes as well as 2 of Red's players
arrived at 9:15 to discover that the game
was already 10 minutes old.
He've got to clarify the start times again.

Jesse wondered why there wasn't an extra
bench to his right. Most of us thought that
the fewer the benches the better but
we do need two for the teams
and since the bench to Jesse's left is full
of rolled up pads, we may want to put the
third bench to his right.

Next Saturday both the old-timers and the
regular NHL Oilers vs. Canadiens will
be playing on an outdoor rink. Adam and Paul
were hoping that there will be a light snowfall.
This event will be huge to all of us who
grow up playing shinny outdoors and wondered
what the NHLers would look like in a shinny
game. I'm totally psyched.

Paul tells me that the good folks at Kilgour's
will be putting their televisions outside
on their patio so we can watch those outdoor
games outside. Should be an amazingly
unique Canadian experience.

See you ALL at ball hockey on Wednesday night.

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