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Juranka's Corner

Oct 20, 2003

what an amazing start

i felt like a kid on the first day of school
reuniting with my classmates

the new nets and the amazing team shirts
rejuvenated our league and we were all
loving it

its evolution, baby

the teams seem well matched
it'll be a fantastic year

some early suggestions for team names
are "the yellowbellies", "tangerine dream",
"black panthers", and this year we're hoping
all the teams will have official names
so we can drop the ABC labels

the naming deal is that your name should
make some reference to your shirts' colour
so that those of us on drugs can make
the association without having to overly
rely on memory

thanks again to Vinnie for the logo
totally pro

the Firkin was rocking afterwards

Grey took the first powerranking
with six and the Bellies had 5,
Black Power and the Dream had 3

both Green and Red were no shows

Red is a team full of new younger guys
who haven't been initiated to the more
profound customs of the league but
i'm told they are of drinking age so...
We were a bit concerned about their skill
level since they're all new to the league
but Adam thinks they'll be a huge force
to contend with as they get their bearings.

I didn't see the last game but I heard
from a reliable source that Puya passed
and assisted on a goal.

Shane had a great game with the night's
only hat-trick. The Bellies were definitely
on fire in the second half as Grey started
to get into a funk. Supposedly Aron had
six assists. Larry had two assists in one game
which may be a record for a goalie. He's
two points ahead of me in the points department.
At this rate he may end up in the top ten.

My "Tangerine Dream" team was confused
by our inability to take the game from
a three man Green team. We were lucky
to tie it in the end with the goalie pulled in
the last minute. We knew Jeff Silver could play the
whole game but Jon Mandel and Joel Cornberg?
It was a great game for Green and i wonder
what they'll be like with the full squad.
Add Dave Quarter, Andrew MacPhail, Evan and
the Jeff's younger brother (who is injured at present)
and they could easily be the team to beat.

Jesse, the new goalie was an unpredictable
variable, playing amazingly one minute and then
letting in some easy goals. He is not used to the
ball yet and was playing with the useless
goalie mits for much of the night.

We missed you Laurie.

Congrats to Lessem who is on his honey-moon
right now and Paul told us about the wedding
which was one of the best he'd ever been to.

It's past 2 a.m. and my mind is turning to mush.
Gotta go but before i do i have to say that the
energy both on the court and in the bar was
refreshingly exciting. Everybody was ecstatic
that the season had finally started.

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