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Sept 8, 2003

well boys and girls
the ball hockey program has sold out
as usual and people are now putting
their names on the waiting list

first the bad news

these are the players who did not back into the league
and Ron made a toast to them last night at the Firkin
"to all the players we've loved before..."

the non-returning players are:
Aaron Dhir, Carrie Balding, Chris Drake,
Eric Plank, Gerald Kernerman, Hooman Ganjavi,
John Jaques, Lianne Zaitlin, Loren Freid,
Michael Wong, Mike Guest, Mike Tanner,
and Sanjay Talwar

that's 30% of the league

the new players are:
Andrew Kichler, Andrew Macphail,
Arlin Markowitz, Dan Silver (Jeff's bro),
Greg Fettes, Jordan Grosman,
Lev Babin (back after a 2 year sabbatical),
Lorne Lantz (Dave's bro), Michael Carter,
Richard (returning after a one year sabbatical)
Roy Abraham, and Steve Chamberland

its great to see Jeff and Dave
bring their brothers onboard

the goalies this year will be:
Jimmy Martella
Larry White
Mike Shinewald

and the returning regulars are:
adam, alan, andrea, aron, dan,
dave h., dave l., dave q., evan,
gabe, jamie, jason, jeff s., jeff w.,
joel c., joel l., jon e., jon m.,
laurie, mark, mitch, pat, paul,
puya, ron, sander, shane,
tim, tom, vince

SEPTEMBER 29th is going to
be an important pick-up game
because that's when we pick
this year's 3 governors who
(amongst other things) will
get together with last years
governor and select this years
team rosters.

on last nights pick-up and drink-up

shiney was spectacular in net

i played goal as well and he won
EVERY game for the first hour
until puya kneed him in the head

puya was on a break-away and
it seems that (especially in pick-up)
goalies will challenge a break-away
as far from the net as possible
so puya is twenty feet out and
wants to get a shot off but shiney
is already all over him so all he
can do is... jump over him,
shiney turns his head and
gets a knee in the back
of the old noggin

when a goalie is that far out you have
to get that lateral thinking going
because you can't go thru goalies
even if they are out of the crease
and besides that's the perfect time to

the pace of pick-up definitely went up
a notch and probably because twice as many
people showed up making your time
on the court more of a rare and therefore
valuable commodity

the firkin crowd was amazing

too many to list but 6 of us were still there
past 12 including roy mark andrea aron and
vinnie who doesn't like being introduced to
cute waitresses as vinnie

i think he prefers King Vincent the First

last but not least,

Carrie mentioned to me that she doesn't want to receive
JCC hockey group emails anymore. She wants to be taken off
the group lists. She'd love to get personal emails but gets annoyed when a controversy hits and her inbox gets full of JCC hockey chat-line style debates. This is the last newsletter she's getting from me and if anyone else wants to be taken off please let us know. Almost a third of the league left us this year so i'm sure more people might not wanted to be reminded of the league they're not in.

see ya'll 2 weeks from now
pick-up is cancelled next week

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