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May 5, 2014 (final round-robin)

What an incredible season
Ryan's input was crucial
as commish/goalie/player :)
The vibes at the new Reznick
Center are the best they've been in years...
Dramas have been minimal
and morale has been high !!
That solid backbone of vets
re-established community
as inspiring rookies got their
bearings and helped us evolve...
amazing process, wonderful
to see it happen every year...

Alright let's talk playoffs :
It is oh so clear that the playoffs
are a different level of intensity...
When we play intense games
during the year we describe them
as being "like the playoffs"
This is when we kick it up a notch
Each player raises their level
Each play is more relevant
Each mistake more magnified...

Last week's games were no different
Grey without Steve Chamberlain
played a strong game against Yellow.
Both of these teams were eliminated
so this was their last competitive game..
Joel's been in the league longer that
anyone else and together with vets
Gabe, Mitch and Mike, the yellow
team had three rookies, more than
any other team... and these were
rookies with noteworthy skills...
jacob was sixth in ppg and
nate was twelveth... both are obviously
rookie of the year contenders...
but Nate's injury came just as the playoffs
began and that made a huge difference...
The game against grey was tied at the half
and Grey took the lead in the second half
to win it 10 to 6...
The grey team was without chamberlain..
He met us at the bar, he had thought
they were playing the late game...
In the end the grey team
pulled it off without Steve...
This was an awesome team
with very few weaknesses...
Seven mature players who
had great attitudes, awesome
sportsmen, with the best
attendance of ANY TEAM
at the bar afterwards...

The last two games of last week
would turn out to be a prequel
to the matchups that would follow
but much confusion reigned
before the night was through...

The second game was blank and white...
The first half was tight but white opened
up the scoring in the second and won 10-7..
As a goalie i have a lot of time to watch
what works and what doesn't...
the most common error many players make
is to position themselves outside of scoring position...
while vets like Sandy always take the middle of the slot
others step back from the net to have room and time
to take a shot... but what always puzzles yours truly
is how many go so deep that when they get that shot
its at an impossible angle...
and if they try passing and their pass gets intercepted
they are so far out of the play that it's automatically a
three on two...
repeating that mistake over and over with a team
like white can spell disaster...
for those who like the idea of cycling the ball behind the net,
never forget that a turnover results in stranding one or More guys
behind the oppositions goal line..

After two exhausting games in net i quickly retreated to celebrate with grey
at the Puck on Walmer...
Ordered beer and wings then really wondered why we weren't back in the gym
watching the final game...
If Red lost then Grey would advance, if it ended in a tie then red would advance...
This was a crucial game for Grey so Adam and Al went back to the gym
to send updates on the score...
Paul Lepage, David and i sipped our awesome cold beers and waited for wings...
Al and Adam texted back scores as the game came to an end... it was close,
and the lead went back and forth... a great game, we wanted to see it so we
asked of our bills... we got a text saying it was over but it had ended in a tied...
we knew that meant overtime... doesn't get closer than this... we guzzled our beers,
paid and left but before we could get out of the bar David got another text saying
they weren't going to play overtime... David couldn't believe it... the rules stated that
in the round robin there would be 5 minutes of overtime... (unlike the rest of the playoffs
which will also include an additional shootout) a tie could stand but only after this
extra overtime period was played...
Anson was not aware that two teams were so close at this point...
he had asked Daniel to check the rules and the commissioner declared no overtime was necessary...
it didn't make any difference to blue and red needed a tie so both teams
were ok with the result...

out on the street we bumped into
Jordan and Bloomberger who said
the rules stated there was no overtime...
Bloomberger immediately checked
his phone and discovered that was incorrect...
Jordan wanted to know what Daniel
read when he disappeared into his office :)
Moscovitch felt this wasn't a just way
for grey to be knocked out and everyone agreed...
We spoke about the possibility of an extra game
being played between red and grey perhaps..
or the five minute overtime played
at the beginning of the next game day...
both solutions would be problematic
to schedule...
the reaction of the red team
as they emerged from the JCC
was total surprise and disappointment....
they had an awesome game,
were in the midst of celebrating and
felt ready to take on blue in the series that was to follow...
they felt bad for grey but didn't think it was their fault
that no overtime was played... a couple of red players
said that a game against grey would be the most just solution
but most of the red players felt that potentially losing their
newly won playoff spot because of an administrative mistake
too much of a sacrifice for their team to shoulder...

after a week of thinking about it i can live with the result
but only because of this unique situation...
first of all we have a brand new commissioner
so we need to give him time to get sorted..
but more to the point, if we're completely honest
we all know that strategy is underlying our inspiration...
blue didn't need to win or even tie that game,
they just wanted to get thru the round robin
and were saving their best for do or die matches...
in the end, red would likely win the overtime
because they had their backs against the wall
and because it wasn't in blue's best interest
to fight for grey...
so even tho the game ended prematurely by mistake,
the outcome in this case, was predictable...
desperation is the most fundamental inspiration
and blue did not have anything riding on
the outcome of that game... yellow did...

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