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Nov 4, 2013

Another spectacular season
is underway and we have
brand new floors courtesy
of none other than our own
reznick clan with their
logo at centre court.
Unfortunately the painters
wrote Reznick "Carpets"
when obviously they meant
Reznick Centre or
Reznick Square Gardens
or even Reznick Forum...
We're again gratefully fortunate
to have a resourceful and
hockey-savvy commissioner
taking care of our league.
Thank you Ryan for the
new nets, goalie blockers,
and goalie sticks. Rumour
has it that the players want
some new sticks and with
the reznick ultra-shine on
the new floors we're certainly
in the market for some
coloured wiffle balls.
We're only three games
into this exciting season
with the usual suspects
already cramming into the
homepage scoring leader board
but more importantly,
we have some awesome
atheltic and good natured
rookies joining us.
They may not yet be aware
of all the strange intricacies
of our home-grown JCC
ball hockey rules but
they're all great sportsmen
and its this humble authors belief
that this year will be completely
free of bad sportsmanship...
The first three games were all
without incident and that's
a good sign !!
Seeking parity has become
a hallmark feature of this league.
It makes all games more exciting
for everyone involved so we can
expect some slight changes
in the not to distant future...
Red and yellow have yet
to win a game for example...
We have three new goalies
this year... Ryan the commish
jumps in whenever there's
a vacancy and Aaron and Mike
are starters, quickly getting
a feel for the bounciness of it all,
Jesse the Supreme Veteran is back
and we expect Jason (number two)
MacLellan to make his debut
in the final game tonight.
The evolution of the gym
has been amazing to experience..
Back in the old days we had weird
and large metal gym equipment
all over the place... we would
use extra benches just to section off
those parts of the gym.
Thankfully a decade ago
they ended up inside the back rooms.
The random closet on Anson's side
at center court was there since
the beginning at now it is gone.
Even the huge centre curtains
no longer hangs down
obstructing the play.
These are not only safety features
but also fun features as they help
speed up the game.
The drinking fountain at one end
now comes with a fast bottle filler,
Two of the four corners of the gym
are totally bench free.
Our gym has effectively grown.
Their used to be random dangerous
bolts sticking out of the walls.
Mitch was impaled by one during
the playoffs one year. They are all gone
and the walls even have padding
here and there.
If there is one feature of the old gym
which I could have back then it
would be the yellow walls.
The white reflects too brightly off the
super-shiny reznick-polished floors
but I'm not complaining...
just suggesting that white paint
make a perfect base-coat for
something a bit darker...
maple leafs blue perhaps ?
Its 5:30, just about to pack up
and head out to the best ball
hockey league on the planet.
So stoked for tonight's action
which last but obviously not least
ends with drinks at Shoeless Joe's.
The apres-game drinks are not only
perfect for discussing game strategy
but also its perfect for the (alcoholic)
sports fan in all of us who love
watching the pros trying to be like us.

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