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Nov 19, 2012

the first ever JCC
father-son rivalry
was initiated last
week with the red
reznicks heavily
out-numbered vs.
black and their
legendary silvermen...

jordan's wife and
daughter watched
from the track above,
it was louis' second
league game, three
reznick generations
in the gym at the
same time...

with blumberger
jamie and kitch
missing, the reznicks
were half the team

just after mentioning
the father-son curiosity
louis joined pippa and i
since the our front door
courtside seats was also
his penalty box...
louis would have a
full night with 2 goals
and assist and 4 penalty
red was on fire
nolan scored four times
jordan openned the gap
in the scoring race,
this game shows us that
four person teams are
often highly effective...

yellow submarine was
about to discover that
blue water runs deep
and fast... it was my debut
back into teamhood...
an amazing feeling that
i've missed over the
last four years in net

keeping up with blue
left me gasping for air...
feeling out of shape yet
exhilarated and inspired,
i dragged my bones to
shoeless joes for the
largest apres-game party
of the year thus far...

loving this league
so much right now,
playing net at 7
joining yellow subs at 8
hot tub svitz at 9
drinks at 10...
grey cup parade tomorrow...
certainly beating those
monday blahs tonight !!

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