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The Dreaded 9:30 Time Slot (Oct 2, 2002)

Yeah it is great that we can have 3 games a week
but lets face it, the 9:30 time slot cuts into your
post-game Firkinizing BIGTIME

I know cuz team F played last almost half the time
last year.

You're lucky to be half way thru your beer by the
time everyone has left (or fallen asleep).
Also, the REAL goalies are gone and so are
the FANS so you feel a bit like you're playing
for the Mighty Ducks vs. the Panthers and
the stadium is truly empty.

Now I've done the calculations and with
20 games our 6 teams will have to play
6.66 times in the last slot
(notice the mark of the devil)

That means each team should play at least 6
and at most 7 times in the last (satanic) timeslot

At present the schedule gives the following
satanic timeslot distribution
A:6 B:6 C:4 D:9 E:7 F:8

so basically teams D and F get demonized far too much

it takes only two game schedule changes
to bring everything under control

I propose that on:

Dec 30, we switch games 1 & 3
bringing the distribution to 6,6,5,8,8,7

and on

Jan 13, we switch games 2 & 3
bringing the demonic distribution to an egalitarian


I love the JCC hockey site at
Thanks Tim

We'll need a page for action-photos too.
I've got a hole bunch.

I owe Jaime/Jamie a beer if he stays on top next week
so you know we'll be SHUTTING HIM DOWN !

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